Flume Net Worth

Who is Flume? What is net worth of Flume? Australians are known for their superb food scene, but did you also know that they have a thriving music industry as well? Well, they have a top notch music industry and record companies and musicians. One such musician who is very popular as an Australian DJ is Flume. Flume is actually the professional name of Harley Edward Streten who is based in Sydney, Australia.

Harley was born on November 5, 1991. He had good parents and a normal childhood. His dad was already in the industry. He was a filmmaker and record producer while his wife, Harley’s mother was a school teacher. He had an inclination to music from a very young age.

Flume Net Worth 2017-2018

Harley grew up close to the Northern beaches of Sydney along with a younger sister. He also attended primary and high school in Sydney itself. At the age of 13, he showed interest in DJ-ing by creating his first piece of music on a disc that came packaged along with a cereal box.

In 2011, the Australian record company Future Classic held a competition to identify potential talent that they could develop. This was when they found Harley who had submitted three of his tracks and went on to win the competition. In 2012, Harley released his debut album under the moniker Flume and managed by Future Classic themselves.

Career: When Flume started working on his debut album he only had a single laptop and no other equipment but he made do with what he had and created a top notch album that topped the charts everywhere. He actually finished the debut album on the way to his trip to London that was low budget. When he returned he was overjoyed to find his tracks on top of the tracks in Australia.

Flume wanted to create a name for himself and that was why his first album was called Flume itself. In just a month after the album was released in Australia and topped all the charts, he signed a deal with a record company in Americas so that he could release the song in North America. His album gained huge popularity and even the critics said that it was very good. Flume the album scored 73 out of a possible 100 making it a top-rated album.

In 2013, when his manager who was also the founder of Future Classic decided that Flume was popular enough to go on tour and he was not wrong. The first official tour for Flume was in March and April 2013 and Flume sold more than 40,000 tickets and was rated in Australia as a must watch DJ.

In 2014, Flume embarked on an international tour where he debuted his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court”. This further increased his popularity as a DJ in the international scene. 2015 marked a big year for Flume as this was the year he would launch his first single after a long gap after his debut album. His track was titled ‘some minds’ and featured Andrew Wyatt.

Flume Net Worth

Since Flume released his music in two of the biggest music industries in the world, he made sure that his music would be properly recognized. He also made the right decision and went on a tour which apart from increasing his popularity ratings, also helped him to increase his net worth immensely. He worked hard to keep touring and meeting his fans and this helped him sell a lot of tickets. Flume’s first album was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

If you think of it, Flume’s net worth is huge considering he is a mere 25 years old. He made sure his net worth would not decline anytime soon by collaborating with the right artists. His talent also deserves special mention for him to reach a net worth of $11 million!

Flume is a one of a kind artist who released only a couple of tracks but became popular all over the worldwide in a very short span. This has to be because of his talent in spinning unique and catchy tracks that ensured a huge fan following. He also toured and even played at Coachella which made him all popular! He is an apt example of using your talents properly.