Flea Net Worth

Who is Flea and what is his net worth 2018? Michael Peter Balzary who is famous with his stage name, “Flea”, is a well-known name in the field of music and acting. He is one of the founder members of the rock band called Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also performed as a bassist in few bands, such as “What is this” Fear, and Jane’s Addiction”. So to know how he earned this massive net worth, you will have to go through his early life career and achievements.

Flea was born in Australia on October 16, 1962. When he was at the age of 5, his family shifted to New York, and again in the early 70s, the whole family moved to Los Angeles, California. From childhood, he had a very keen interest on music, and he learned to play trumpet. In fact, after his parents divorced, Flea and his siblings used to stay with their mom, who later on remarried a Jazz musician.

Flea Net Worth

Michael got his nickname as he was quite restless in his childhood and that nickname made him famous in the world. As his stepfather often invited musician friend to their home, he also grew interested to learn trumpet and no interest in Rock music.

In the next part of his life, he met Anthony Kiedis when he joined Fairfax high school. Somehow slowly his interest for rock music began to grow when he heard rock music by Hillel Slovak and punk rock by Anthony Kiedis. He started to learn how to play bass from Slovak, and soon he improvised his new style and joined the group.

Flea began his career in 1980. He was known for having skill in different music styles. Such as Alternative rock, experimental rock, funk rock, harder punk, jazz funk, etc. in the mid of 80s flea got attached to a band named Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. The band gained popularity at the local bar, and the name changed to Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The band released their first album in 1984, but it got the poor review. But the second released was a great hit and made a huge selling record of 175,000 copies and by early 1990s the band became very popular. As a lyricist flea wrote three songs for the third album of the band. In 2008, the band took a short break, and Flea decided to take music classes at the University of California.

In early 1989, Chilli Peppers recorded their fourth album, “Mother’s Milk.” It created mix reaction among the audience, but commercially it got the desired attention and per show almost three thousand people gathered to watch the performance. On 24th September 1991 the album, “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” was published and it created a sensational response among the critics. The album reached number three on US Billboard hot 200 and touched the record sale target of million copies in America alone.

Flea’s music career has come to a break following his drug addiction and chronic fatigue syndrome. He asked the doctor to take adequate rest for a year. Flea changed his lifestyle and practised Yoga and Meditation to come out of his illness and to reduce his marijuana intake.

On returning to music again, Flea wished to make a solo album and till date his album, “Californication” gain the highest fame and audience applauses and got a record sale of 15 million copies.

lea and his music band Red Hot Chilli Pepper has got critic and audience recognition worldwide which is the most awaited award for any musician. The awards include Three American Music Award (Out Of 8 Nomination), 10 MTV Music Awards (27 Nomination), One Brit award (4 nomination), 6 Grammy awards (Out of 16 nominations). Apart from this they also got the five-time nomination for Juno award.

Flea Net worth

Flea’s counted as one of the wealthy musician and his estimated net worth is $125 million. Throughout his life, he struggled a lot. He worked with eminent rock bands like RHCP. The band may not be one of the greatest, but if we are going through some of the facts and figure, we can understand how flea accumulated such a huge amount. Red Hot Chilli Peppers achieved three American Music Awards and much more.

With the release of every album they strike the highest sell target, and so the net worth increase in proportion. Moreover, he has a good investment in properties, in the business of luxury goods, in the stock market and private flights. Flea’s different style in music and his dedication to his work make it possible for his band Red Hot Chilli Pepper to achieve success slowly and to form a fan base which has expanded over the years.

His music has given him much more than money and awards. It is the involvement that he could be proud of; to work on something he loves. From his music, it is not only the net worth that reached up to 100 million dollars, but his life also got a real purpose and recognition.