Eric Johnson Net Worth 2019

Who is Eric Johnson and what is his net worth 2019? Eric Johnson is a guitarist who is well known for his work and also engaging customised guitar collection. He won the Grammy award and played in many genres including blues, jazz fusion, soul folk, new-age, classical and country. He also has a well-known playing stock of equipment that is made to his specifications. There are many recordings, instructional videos, solo albums to his name and he has been a part of different bands.

Early Life

Eric Johson was born on 17th August 1954. He started learning guitar at the age of 11 and started proving his bright future through music. He started his journey through a band named Mariani, which was a rock group. He graduated from high school and then joined the University of Texas, after which he went to Africa because his family had to move. He came back and in 1974, he went along with another fusion band named Electromagnets. That also turned out to be disbanded after 3 years as it did not do well in the music circuit and also due to lack of sponsorers.

Eric Johnson Net Worth

Eric Johnson keeps his personal life private. Although there is not much news of his private life, he did have a girlfriend Anne in 1996 and a girlfriend Erin who was seen on his birthday in 2011. Besides these, there is no news and not even rumours about his personal life. So if he is married or divorced is not known to the people.

He was a part of many bands, but after the demise of Electromagnets, he formed the Eric Johnson group of 3 people, with drummer Bill Maddox and bassist Kyle Brock. They recorded their debut album, Seven Worlds. Then they began performing locally as they were never actually got a contract.


In 1984, his career flipped over with a major breakthrough and was signed to Warner Bros. Records. The album track ‘Zap’ was nominated for the 1987 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. He released ‘Ah Via Musicom’ and won many awards making him well known in the music industry. He also worked on many solo albums after 2000. ‘Souvenir’, ‘Bloom’ are some of the solo albums released by him.

He won a Grammy Award with ‘Cliffs of Dover’ which is in ‘Ah Via Musicom’. Since that album, he got many Grammy award nominations and also did a G3: Live in Concert in 1997. He also did other live performances in 2005 and 2008.

Eric Johnson got 7 Grammy nominations, of which he won 1 Grammy award. He is considered as one of the best guitarists with a lot of electric guitar skills and with so many Grammy nominations, there is no doubt.

Net Worth of Eric Johnson

He has a net worth of $800 thousand. This also proves that he is successful in his career. So, the sources of his income is through his profession and also through the selling of his musical instruments custom made according to his choices.

His career is a perfect example of growth in the music industry and proving his improvement is his net worth, which shows why he is a legitimate winner of Grammy Awards.