Enya Net Worth 2019

Who is Enya and what is her net worth 2019? Enya is a well-known Irish based singer, musician, songwriter, and producer. Her talents in music and singing are quite perceptible as she was born in one musical family. She started her music career while she teamed up with her family’s Celtic band named as Clannad in year 1980 on keyboards as well as backing vocals. Net worth of Enya is gained from her being a singer and musician, get more details below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Enya is in Dore, identified as a region of remote community of Gweedore, located in County Donegal inside northwestern Ireland; she was also brought up here. The Gaeltacht region is the one where Irish is practised as a primary language. It is known that her name is anglicised by name- Enya Patricia Brennan, in which Enya is essentially a phonetic spelling of the way Eithne is being spoken in Irish. In this regards, “Ní Bhraonáin” is translated to “daughter of Brennan”.

Enya Net Worth

Recognised as fifth of nine kids, Enya belonged to Roman Catholic based family consisting of musicians. Name of her father is Leo Brennan, recognised as leader of Slieve Foy Band, whereas her mother’s name is Máire Brennan of Spanish origin; she was too an amateur musician and she performed in Leo’s band. Moreover, Enya stated her upbringing in form of the one which is spent quite happy. When she was of age three, she participated in initial singing competition of her life, held at yearly Feis Ceoil music festival.


Enya’s initial projects in form of a solo artist comprised soundtrack for The Frog Prince, released in year 1984 as well as year 1987 BBC based documentary series entitled The Celts, launched in form of debut album entitled as Enya. Moreover, she contracted with Warner Music UK that offered her substantial artistic freedom as well as negligible intrusion derived from that label.

The critical and commercial success of Watermark driven her to international fame, facilitated by its global topmost 10 hit single entitled as “Orinoco Flow”. Esentially, this was next followed by a multi-million based selling albums namely Shepherd Moons, The Memory of Trees as well as A Day Without Rain. It is known that the sales of the latter as well as its lead single entitled as “Only Time”, raised in US after its usage in media coverage from attacks of September 11 .

After Amarantine and And Winter Came…, Enya observed a long break from career in music; later she returned in year 2012 and launched Dark Sky Island.

Apart from this, Enya is recognised for her personal lifestyle and she has yet to undertake concert tour. Moreover, she is Ireland’s largest selling solo artist as well as stands as second overall after U2, through a discography which sold around 26.5 million certified albums in US alone. Furthermore, it sold an assessed 80 million albums globally, creating her one among the best-selling type of music artists ever.

During her career, Enya has received win in many awards, comprising four Grammy Awards in category of Best New Age Album, seven World Music Awards, as well as one Ivor Novello Award. Moreover, she was designated for one Academy Award as well as one Golden Globe Award dedicated for “May It Be”.

Net Worth of Enya

Enya is by now renowned as an Irish based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, possessing net worth of $150 million. This singer has amassed her net worth by several songs that she has created as well as performed. She too made several television based appearances as well as launched soundtracks for TV and movies. You can perceive that her income is high as her year 2000 album entitled as A Day Without Rain turned out as a top selling album in US through 15 million copies being sold.

Enya sustained to relish steady success during era of 1990s and 2000s, making performance in 10 different languages. Many of her albums were sold in millions, establishing her fame globally.