Don Felder Net Worth

Who is Don Felder and what is his net worth 2018? There is a person who loves Rock and Roll, and there is a person who is addicted to Rock and Roll. Sometimes I tend to think that it depends on the artist who has sung a song. For anyone who is a fan of Don Felder knows what being addicted to music is all about. As a musician and a song writer, Don Felder can only be described as incredible. He is a talented artist with a fine taste in music. He is popularly known for his active role in the Eagles which is a famous band. He was active in the band from the year 1974 up to 2001 when he was dismissed from the band.

Don Felder was born in the year 1947 in September. His family background is that of Southern Baptists. He had a love for music, and his interest in becoming a musician was sparked by Elvis Presley. He watched him on The Ed Sullivan Show. When he was ten years old, he got his first guitar from a friend by exchanging it with cherry bombs. He taught himself how to play and when he was fifteen, he formed his first band called the Continentals. He attended Gainesville High School.

Don Felder Net Worth 2018-2019

Don met Bernie Leadon who was his schoolmate, and he replaced Stills in the band. When Stills left, the band’s name changed to Maundy Quintet. In 1967, they released a single, and it was played in North-Central Florida. When his band broke up, he joined a band called Flow and went with them to New York where they released an album in 1970. The band also broke up, and he moved to Boston. While there he landed a job at a recording studio.

In 1974, Don joined the Eagles, and they released numerous hit songs as they transitioned from their country rock style to rock. Don got to take the lead singing role on some songs and also helped in writing others. The band released hits songs like One of These Nights, Hotel California, and even Victims of Love. Throughout the period that the Eagles existed, they had fights and disagreement.

Sometimes, the members quit and were replaced. When the worst came, the group broke. After the breakup, Don focused on being a solo artist and produced many hits together with other featured famous artists. In 1983, he released his first solo album and called it Airborne. His second album was Road to Forever.

In 1994, the Eagles reunited, and he became a member until 2001 when he was fired from the group. Law suits followed shortly after but Don Felder and the rest of the team settled matters outside the court. Don has also written an autobiography called Heaven and Hell: My Life in The Eagles and it was published in 2008.

Don Felder net worth

As a renowned musician, Don Felder has been able to build a great life for himself and his family. Thanks to his talent, his estimated net worth is $65 million. With such an amount, he can afford all that he desired to it. With his career still active, this net worth will keep increasing.

Music is a career that can earn anyone the best life on earth. As long as one stays focused and ready to do what it takes, they will be stars in the entertainment industry. Don Felder in an artist that we can all appreciate. He is undeniably talented and skilled, and we wish him the best in the rest of his career journey.