DJ Snake Net Worth

Who is DJ Snake? What is net worth of DJ Snake? The emergence of EDM brought outstanding talent in the limelight. DJ Snake is surely one of them. DJ Snake is capable of slithering effortlessly during his performances and in the recent past, he has released songs that have topped the charts. Born in Paris, now the whole world respects the talent of this young musician.

DJ Snake Biography and Family

This Grammy-nominated producer made his debut single appearance with “Bird Machine” in 2013. DJ Snake was born to Algerian parents residing in Banlieue district in Paris, France. Did you ever wonder, why is he called DJ Snake? Well, this is an interesting story. In his childhood days, William (his actual name) used to produce graffiti art. Whenever the Police arrived, he used to escape each time. From his flawless escapes, he earned the tag of a Snake. As they say, the rest his history. Although he claims that the name actually sucks. He started playing as a DJ at the age of 14 and by the age of 19, he became a music producer. Steve Goncalves, his manager, noticed DJ Snake and compelled him to pursue his dreams.

DJ Snake AKA Bird Machine Net Worth 2017-2018

Some of the songs that were acclaimed worldwide are:

• Turn Down for What by DJ Snake ft Lil Jon
• Get Low by DJ Snake ft Dillon Francis
• Remix of You Know You Liked It
• Lean on by DJ Snake ft Major Lazer

Education: The information is not available with respect to the education of DJ Snake. He started learning the art of DJ-ing at the age of 14. When he was 15-years old, he quit schooling and devoted full-time to music. He started working in the record shops where he got the chance to meet renowned artists like Daft Punk. Interestingly, it was a French film, La Haine, which generated the curiosity in DJ Snake’s mind.

DJ Snake Net Worth

DJ Snake is well sought all around the globe for his music performances. Along with club residencies and music sales, DJ Snake net worth reached $10 million US dollars as of 2017. Although his earnings are not close to other DJs earnings, but still he manages to create his niche with his outstanding work.

DJ Snake Business Model

When an artist achieves a celebrity status, he or she ventures into other businesses. Interestingly, DJ Snake is not known to venture into any other businesses. His only sources of income are club residencies, concert tours, single releases, and music production. So, there are no business models but just awesome performances from DJ Snake.

DJ Snake adopted the strategy of collaborating with other musicians. In 2011, He co-produced Born This Way in association with Lady Gaga. In 2013, he co-produced three songs with DJ White Shadow for Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP. In the same year, he produced Turn Down for What along with Lil Jon.

In 2014, DJ Snake and Dillon Francis collaborated for Get Low and in the same year, DJ Snake remixed Aluna George’s song You Know You Like It. In 2015, Lean On was launched along with Major Lazer and MØ. Since then, this song is topping the charts all over the world.

After all these major releases, DJ Snake released his new album Encore in 2015. Till now, four songs have been launched. These are:

• Middle feat Bipolar Sunshine
• Talk feat George Maple
• Let me Love You feat Justin Bieber
• The Half feat Jeremih, Young Thug, and Swizz Beatz

DJ Snake work has been acclaimed all over the world and this is evident from the awards and nominations that he got till now. He has been nominated for Grammy Awards in 2012 for Born This Way and in 2015 for Turn Down for What.

In 2015, he won the Best Direction award from MTV Video Music Awards for the song Turn Down for What. He was nominated for Teen Choice Awards for the same song.

He won Top Dance/Electronic Song Award two years in a row. In 2015 for Turn Down for What and in 2016 for Lean On. These awards were presented by Billboard Music Awards.

The popularity and demand of DJ Snake can be determined from the fact that all the shows and concerts are scheduled for all the months in 2017. From 17th to 19th February 2017, he will be performing in India. The tour is being organized by Sunburn Arena. Then, he will head to South Africa to perform in Ultra South Africa 2017. After this, he will enchant his audience in Las Vegas. Coachella 2017 will rope in DJ Snake to perform in California USA in April.

DJ Snake has been successful in creating his own niche in the industry. William (DJ Snake) is regarded as an artist who likes to innovate and present something unique every time. Slowly and gradually, he is climbing the ladder of success with his impeccable performances.