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Who is DJ Fresh and what is his net worth 2018? If you have a music taste that involves mixtapes and Hip Hop music, you would surely have heard of Dj.Fresh. He is also known as The World’s Freshest and he is based in Los Angeles, California. His main claim to fame came in 2006 when he started releasing ‘The tonite show’ series of albums which made him skyrocket to popularity. He has a list of personal tracks releases that is exhaustive and a large number of tracks along with other producers.

You may not know his real name which is Marcus Brown. Marcus was born in a quiet neighbourhood in Baltimore, Maryland which was also where he was raised. When he was around nine years old, he started showing interest in Hip Hop music and even started spinning tracks on turntables at this small age.

DJ Fresh Net Worth 2018-2019

Around the same period, he moved along with his family to the Bay Area in California itself. He had two elder brothers who turned to be Dj’s as well and the three brothers started their own DJ crew called the 12 inch Assassins. Marcus’ crew reigned the Bay area when it came to the Dj scene by battling and winning in the Bay Area.

Career: Marcus’ music career started at a very young age when he became heavily influenced by the Hip Hop trends and jazz music. He looked up to Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and The GAP. At the age of 18, Marcus had his first official gig as DJ Fresh and Dee Jayed along with Common. Later he wanted to break away from the mold of mixing existing songs and creating mixtapes so he used a digital sound table and a turntable to create tracks of his own. In 1999, he was said to be ranked third in the list of Best DJ’s in America.

At the beginning of his career, he used to go by the street name DJ Fresh. Later he discovered that there was already British producer by the same name and he now goes by the moniker The World’s Freshest. In 2006, he felt that all of the other producers were not doing enough justice to the tracks they were mixing and putting their names on it. So he set out to create a brand to work under and produce tracks of his own.

This was called The tonite Show which became a huge success as DJ Fresh worked with several other producers in a collaboration to come out with these tracks. The producers he worked with included a long list of popular DJ’s like ‘the Jacka’ ‘The Grouch’ and ‘Yuckamouth’. The tonite show label had an 80’s feel throughout and became a huge hit among the people and received positive reviews all through the board.

2008 marked a great year for Marcus a.k.a DJ Fresh because this was the year he released his first studio album. The album was called Make the Song cry and was later knows to be part of a four series of songs released by the same name with just the number of the parts differing.

DJ Fresh Net Worth

DJ Fresh also called Marcus Brown owes almost all of his increase in wealth to his very popular album The Tonite Show. This show had a collaboration with almost all of the big names in mixing and DJing and was immensely popular. He has a high net worth of $4.3 million.

DJ Fresh is a versatile DJ and is immensely popular for being the first DJ to come up with original productions on the turntable. His album from 2013 titled, ‘Supercuts’ was the first one to be released with his new stage name ‘The World’s Freshest’. He had actually changed his name after finding out that there was a South African and British artist by the same name. In all, The World’s Freshest selects his name correctly because he was sort of a pioneer in the mixing industry and has been in the industry since it began.