DJ Esco Net Worth 2018

Who is DJ Esco and what is his net worth 2018? Dj Esco who is commonly known as the coolest DJ in the world, and whose real name is William Moore comes from Atlanta Georgia was born on November 12th and works as the full-time DJ for famous rapper Future. He started off as a residential DJ at an influential strip club in Atlanta city known as “magic city”. He mostly played Future’s songs gauging how good they were from the reaction of the strippers. Then he got arrested in 2014 in the United Arab Emirates for marijuana possession where he had travelled to perform with Future at the 2014 Abu Dhabi grand Prix and had to spend 56 days in jail.

After his release, DJ Esco turned his life around and got serious and deep into music production following on the advice of his close friend DJ Spinz. He works for the label-free bands that were founded by Future in 2011. He also produces a show known as the side show in which he tries to show his life. He is famous for his hit singles too much sauce and the collaborations he has done with Future and other famous artists.

DJ Esco Net Worth

Net Worth of DJ Esco

These days, most of the top earners all around the world are those who have grown their names in the entertainment industry either as musicians or their producers. The more popular one gets, the greater his earnings also follow in line. The net worth of those in the music industry can’t be put to an exact figure because it changes with every moment they spend on some flashy cars or land a lucrative deal worth millions, but all that can be done at best is to get an estimate of the same.

For DJ Esco, working with popular rappers gives him the popularity he needs and raises his net worth. The release of his mixtapes has also had a great part in pushing up his net worth. Now today, DJ Esco has a net worth of $500 thousand.

He has produced a couple of mixtapes since his release from jail that is hosted by his friend and famous rapper Future. One of his popular mixtapes include 56 Nights which were named with respect to the amount of time he spent in jail. He had a hard disk with him in jail which contained some of the future’s unproduced songs that he picked to be on the mixtape. It contains singles such as trap niggas and much madness.

Dj Esco is a vegetarian having developed it over some period of time due to him not liking how meat tasted to him. He is a dreamer and wants to get everyone together through his music. He is a social person but not much is known about his personal life away from the music. He is hard working and records his songs from his own studio in the basement of his house. Having so much money would make you think one would get arrogant which is not the case with DJ Esco who has a good relation with all his fans.

He loves dressing up and is accustomed to his trademark bandana on the head and his Mohawk haircut, one can even say DJ Esco just likes looking good. Not much is known of what DJ Esco owns, or what model of a car he drives, or even how his house looks like, but from how he lives his life, we can say the DJ is doing just fine.