Deen Castronovo Net Worth

Who is Deen Castronovo? What is net worth of Deen Castronovo? The American singer and drummer, Deen Castronovo is known for his numerous metal acts and hard rock performances. He also featured on a Neal Schon album ‘Late Nite’ playing in ‘Smoke of the Revolution’ in 1989. He is former drummer of band ‘Journey’, who is currently tagged with his new band mates ‘Revolution Saints’. He also serves to fulfill the roles of an instrumentalist, vocalist and percussionist.

Deen J. Castronovo was born in 1964 on 17th August near Westminster, California. He was raised in Keizer, Oregon. He started playing drums from the first time he saw them, when he was only five. He considers Steve Smith, Terry Bozzio and Neil Peart as one of his greatest influencers. He initiated his career by releasing his own instrumental video titled ‘High Performance Drumming’.

Deen Castronovo Net Worth 2017-2018

The American singer has two sons Kyle Castronovo and Roman Jude Castronovo whom he had with his former spouse, Julie Castronovo. During 2015, Castronovo was dating Deidra Witmer, who filed a complaint against him claiming assault and domestic violence. For which Deen, was sentenced for four year long probation to counseling facilities which are being checked by the court.

Education: He completed his schooling from South Salem High School, where he actively participated in musicals. During his school days he also became a member of his school band.

Career: Castronovo started off his musical journey in 1983, by playing in album ‘Wild Dogs’ title track and ‘Man’s Best Friend’, ‘Reign of Terror’. He also fulfilled the role of drummer, in his former band Journey. Currently he plays for a band called Revolution Saints with whom he has worked on several albums like ‘Arrival’, ‘Red 13’, ‘Generations’, ‘Revelation’, ‘Eclipse’.

He provided his vocals in his former band songs which include ‘Mother, Father’, ‘Still They Ride’, ‘Keep on Running’, ‘Faithfully’. Some of his hard rock and metal performances include songs like ‘Cacophony’, ‘Bad English’, ‘Journey’, ‘Soul Sirkus’, ‘Wild Dogs’, ‘Dr. Mastermind’, ‘Hardline’, ‘Planet Us’, ‘Black Sabbath’, ‘Social Distortion’. He has also appeared in several other songs featuring bands like ‘Vasco Rossi’, ‘Paul Rodgers’, ‘Matthew Ward’, ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ and ‘Steve Vai’.

Deen Castronovo Net Worth

The drummer has been playing professionally in the music industry since 1983, and is since known for having a busy schedule. He has worked with two bands, and has played drums for numerous legendary singers. Castronovo’s experience can be transformed into interesting anecdotes; he is always on the move for one tour or another. The former drummer of ‘Journey’ is estimated to have a net worth of $12.4 million  US dollars as of 2017.

Deen Castronovo Business Model –

Castronovo is known for making money by appearing in others artists’ music or by playing for numerous other brands. He is also known to make a few millions with his touring contracts that serve to fulfill his passion while also earning him a luxurious lifestyle.

In mid 2015, Deen was arrested for a fourth degree assault which was filed by a woman, who became the victim of his violent ways. This resulted in dropping him and replacing him in several tours. Following this he was held against Marion County grand jury which charged him of ‘felony of rape’, ‘unlawful use of weapon’, ‘assault’, ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘contempt against court’ (violation of bail for his prior arrest). Fortunately, the star won him a plea deal with the court which saved him from going to jail. Later he was sentence for probation and counseling for four years against domestic violence.

The following year, he reunited with his band mates and headed for the tour.

After the incident, the drummer seems to have rediscovered himself, as he goes on to talk about life in his recent interviews. Recently Deen made a guest appearance in the album ‘Wednesday 13’s’ song ‘Condolences’.

He is considered one of the best Drummers in the history of America. The ‘Bad English’ Drummer is definitely one of the best musicians in the industry, who have worked on legendary songs which we still hold close to our hearts. He is known for his energy and technique on stage, which is also the reason why so many aspiring musicians look up to him. We hope to hear more of his music in the coming years.