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Who is David McCallum? What is net worth of David McCallum? David McCallum is a renowned Scottish Musician and actor who were born on 19th September 1933 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. His full name is David Keith McCallum. His father David McCallum Sr. was a concertmaster and the first ever violinist for the London Philharmonic. His family moved to London when he was just 10 years old. His mother, Dorothy Dorman was a Cellist. Not surprisingly David followed the footsteps of her parents and chose to pursue a career in music, playing Oboe.

He has got married twice. For the first time, he got hitched with actress Jill Ireland whom he met while the shooting of Hell Drivers (1957). In 1968 his wife Jill Ireland left him and married actor Charles Bronson. McCallum and Jill Ireland have three sons Paul, Jason, and Val.

David McCallum Net Worth 2017-2018

Among whom Jason was adopted by them who died of a drug overdose in the year 1989. In 1967, McCallum married Katherine Carpenter and the couple has a son named peter and daughter named Sophie. He supports charitable units which support the United States Marine Corps. The father of his second wife Katherine was a Marine and served in the Battle of Iwo Jima. The brother of his wife lost his life in the war in Vietnam. McCallum has six grandchildren.

Health had been a great issue for McCallum; he was suffering from rheumatic fever during his childhood. Later on, He was diagnosed with ‘Dupuytren’s Contracture’, a common condition which involves the contracture and thickening of fibrous connective tissue under the skin of the palm and he got rid of the same in the year 2009. When he was shooting the second episode of the Man from Uncle in 1960’s he found out that he was allergic to penicillin.

Education: At an early age of 10 years, he played a role at the stage for a Radio Company that’s when he realized that he wanted to become an actor. In 1946 he recorded his voice for BBC Radio. He also worked in local amateur drama. When he was 17 years old he played Oberon in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

He left school at the age of 18 years to follow military service with the Royal West African Frontier Force. He won a scholarship to study at University College School which is a school for boys only in Hampstead London. But he dropped the opportunity and joined the Royal Academy of music for a short span of time to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.

He left there and joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London where Joan Collins was one of his classmates. After that, he gave national service and got commissioned in Middlesex Regiment and was seconded to the Ghana Regiment. He got promotion as Full Lieutenant in March, 1954. He was one of the first ever Brit actors who studied the Method Style of acting. His hobbies were golf and computers.

Career: His first roles as an actor were in whom the Gods Love and Die Young Playing a Doomed Royal. In 1951, he started working as an assistant manager in Glyndebourne Opera Company. After joining the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He made around a dozen movies in The United Kingdom before his debut as Lt. Wyatt in Billy Budd (1962).

He is best known for playing the role of UNCLE agent Illya Kuryakin in the hit TV Series the Man from UNCLE which came in the year 1964. For this show, he got nominated twice for Emmy Award during the period of four years of running the show (1964-1968) for playing the role of the intellectual and introverted agent. Another role for which brought him fame was Dr. Donald ‘Duckie’ Mallard in the hit series NCIS in the year 2003.

The renowned Rank Organization caught a glimpse of one of his photographs and signed him in 1956. In 1957 he played the role of a juvenile delinquent in Violent Playground and he played an outlaw in Robbery under Arms in the same year.

During 1958 he played the role of a junior RMS Titanic radio operator named Harold Bride in the movie titled A Night to Remember. The first American movie he got to act in was Freud-The Secret Passion which was released in 1962 and directed by John Huston.

Further, he played Lt Cdr named Eric Ashley in The Great Escaped which came out in 1963. In the year 1965, He played the role of Judas Iscariot on The Greatest Story Ever Told. One of his famous television appearances is The Outer Limits. And he also made a guest appearance in the show Perry Mason playing the role of defendant Phillipe Bertain in 1964.

He has also appeared in the TV Shows named Coldits during 1972-1974, Kidnapped in 1978, and a science fiction series titled Sapphire & Steel during 1979-1982. He played the title character in U.S. Version of The Invisible Man in 1975.

He made the appearance on stage in Australia by acting in Run For Your Wife During 1987-88. He has acted with Diana Rigg in Mother Love(1989). During 1991-92 he played the role of a gambler named John Grey in series titled Trainer. During the 1990s he also made a guest appearance in Season 1 of SeaQuest DSV and in one episode of Babylon 5.

In 1994 he narrated documentary titled Titanic-A Complete Story which was the second project related with Titanic over which he worked. The earlier one was A Night to Remember where he played a small role.

In 1960s he recorded four albums with the producer named David Axelrod for Capital Records. One of his best known from music is ‘The Edge’. Some of the tracks sung by him are Communication, In the Garden, under the tree, House on Breckenridge Lane and My Carousel.

David McCallum Net Worth

The renowned Scottish musician and actor has an estimated net worth of $12 million US dollars as of 2017.

David McCallum Business Model

The renowned musician and actor have earned great wealth through Smart Stock Investments, luxurious properties, Endorsements with cover girl cosmetics. He is also running several restaurants of his own like the ‘Fat McCallum Burger’ Chain in Edinburgh. He owns a football team named ‘Glasgow Angles’. Moreover, he has launched his own brand of vodka named as ‘Pure Wonder McCallum. He has taken over the market of juniors with the launch of top-selling cologne named With Love from David. A fashion line called ‘David McCallum’ is also being run by him.

Hence for the reasons above mentioned this 83 years old Scottish actor has proved that hard work and dedication can make anything possible and bring the world down your feet. The recent record made by him is an inspiration for youth from this eminent old man and a proof of his continuing growth. We wish him good health and may he live long and keep progressing for over the years in future.