David Gilmour Net Worth 2019

Who is David Gilmour and what is his net worth 2019? The lead singer, guitarist as well as the singer of the ever popular band Pink Floyd has been creating his best there since the year 1968. The seventy one year old nominee of the Grammy Awards has garnered immense fame and recognition from all the generations around the world.

The British rock star has proficiently established himself not only as the leading guitarist of Pink Floyd but also counts among the best lead singers, song – writer as well as song producer and music director of the present time. His all time hit and favourites worth mentioning would be “Comfortably Numb”. He had garnered additional appreciations from the mob with his adjacent hit entitled “Money”.

David Gilmour Net Worth

Early Life

Born on the 6th of March in the year 1946, he was brought up by his parents Douglas Gilmour and Silvia Gilmour at Cambridge in England. His teen phase was skillfully indulged in learning guitar henceforth which he had collaborated with a local band appellated as the “Joker’s Wild”, from which he chose to resign soon and started travelling around posh localities of Europe as a street performer. Unfortunately, his struggle for a self-depending life had made him end up in the hospital for under nutritive condition. He has also served in Paris as a driver as well as an assistant for a few fashion designers.

Not just the professional front but his personal life has also made him tour into ups and downs. His first marriage with Ginger Hasenbein in the year 1974 was called off even after having four children. However, he changed himself into a lot better person giving up all his addiction after getting married to Polly Samson in the year 1990. They too are blessed with four children.

Apart from music, Gilmour is known to have a craze for flying high. He loves adventuring with his pilot course and is known to own many superannuated patronages for his own assemblage.


His assembling with Pink Floyd in the year 1967 was credited to Nick Mason of the very band. A year later, Gilmour was officially appointed as the lead guitarist after the untimely departure of the former lead guitarist Syd Barrett due to hallucinatory drug abuse. The tie up proved to be ma massive success with successive hits like “The Dark Side Of The Moon”. Being thoroughly disappointed by the recognition from Pink Floyd, Gilmour went on to record his first single album in the year 1978 after the success of “Animals”. This was the time when one of his single hit “Comfortably Numb” in collaboration with Pink Floyd was subjected to immense appreciation throughout the world.

With the depreciating consanguinity with Waters, Gilmour encouraged himself with his consequent single entitled “About Face” in the year 1984. With the rising fame of Gilmour, Water detached himself from the band and had to be legally fought against by joint courtship of Mason and Gilmour himself.

In the year 1986, the career of Gilmour escalated in the music world with his successive hit “ A Momentary lapse of Reason”. With his solo fame, Pink Floyd started sinking amidst the other flourishing bands of the time but was lifted again by the alliance of Gilmour and Richard Wright, the then leading keyboardist. The joint conjecture brought back the band to life with “The Division Bell” in 1994. Six years hence, with the unfortunate death of Wright, Gilmour somehow went on to bring up the best from the band once again named “The Endless River”.

The seventy one year old guitarist had garnered appreciation and recognition from around the world with the major hits like “The Darker Side of the Moon”, “Wish You Were Here”, “The Wall” and “Animals”.

Gilmour was also honoured with successful nomination for the Grammy Awards in the year 1990 for his repeated conspicuous hits from the band Pink Floyd.

Net Worth of David Gilmour

The self proclaimed leading singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd has struggled a lot in his early years. He has been recognised with immense fame after a series of unfortunate failures in the initial years, and had eventually ended up being hospitalised once during his struggle as a street player. However, life bestowed the best henceforth rewarding himself with immense success via Pink Floyd, due to which the net worth of David Gilmour has presently been approximated to be around $170 Millions.

Gilmour had successfully established two companies named “David Gilmour Music” and “David Gilmour Overseas” through which his net worth went up to £36m amidst the year 1988 and 1999. Being closely associated to Pink Floyd, he had arranged for the thorough funding of its members by endowing his house at London for sale.