Creed Bratton Net Worth

Creed Bratton (birth name: William Charles Schneider) is familiar as an American based actor as well as a musician of present age 74. This musician was known to be a previous member of a famous band named The Grass Roots. Recently, he is acknowledged for playing a fictional edition of himself right on The Office aired on NBC. Net worth of Creed Bratton is amassed from his career in acting and music, get further details here:

Birthplace of Creed Bratton is Los Angeles, and he was brought up in Coarsegold, located in California, recognized as a small city around Yosemite National Park. The actor’s father passed away while he was just two years old when an airplane in which he was functioning got exploded when he was posted in Hawaii.

Creed Bratton Net Worth 2017-2018

The actor’s grandparents, father and mother were musicians, as well as he developed interest for music since his early age. When he was of age 13, he has ordered his initial guitar from a Sears based mail order catalogue. Moreover, he turned as an official musician while studying in high school as well as in college years.

Bratton made it definite to try life being a travelling musician as well as he created his path on a worldwide excursion, throughout which he altered his name to present name i.e. Creed Bratton. He toured across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Moreover, he has played guitar in some huge folk festival arranged in Israel, featuring along with his group named the Young Californians.

It is known that fellow American as well as guitarist named Warren Entner has perceived his performance and requested him to provide him a call while he come back to US. In year 1966, they created one partnership and drafted the residual members desirable for the group made by them named as the 13th Floor. By year 1967, this band comprised of Rick Coonce on drums, Rob Grill on bass, Bratton on guitar, as well as Warren Entner on rhythm guitar, and the band is now running by the name i.e. The Grass Roots.

Producers cum songwriters namely P. F. Sloan as well as Steve Barri listened to the demo and preferred it. These persons required fresh band members on account of a folk rock group which they had made in year 1965. The group -13th Floor has lost its bass player towards the draft through this time, and rapidly employed Rob Grill, altering its name to a new name i.e. The Grass Roots for previous name credit. This group appeared directly to the top 10 through their initial recording, “Let’s Live for Today” made in year 1967.

It is known that during 2001 and 2002, Bratton has launched three different albums depicting his solo recordings from era of 1960s by the support of Peter White. He started began to follow an acting based career during year 1979. Moreover, he has also been featured in movies like Mask and Heart Like a Wheel. Also, he was noted as a cast member on NBC’s The Office, recognised as Emmy and SAG award winning edition.

How much is Creed Bratton Net Worth in 2017

As of 2017, net worth of Creed Bratton is assessed to be around $3.3 million US dollars. Basically, he is renowned as a musician as well as an actor, earning mainly from these two careers. When he was overseas, he encountered fellow guitarist named Warren Entner, the one with whom he had actually partner in year 1966 to create a band named the 13th Floor. He earned well from his acting career, by appearances made on “Mask”, “Quincy ME”, “Heart Like a Wheel”, as well as a prevalent series entitled as “The Office”.

Creed Bratton worked on his career in music and acting, spanning decades and now he is an expert in these fields. Talents of music are present in his blood as he hails from family consisting of musicians.