Chris Slade Net Worth 2019

Who is Chris Slade and what is his net worth 2019? Christopher Rees known as Chris Slade is born on 30th October, 1946. By profession he is a Welsh rock musician and drummer. Currently, he is drummer for the Australian hard rock band AC / DC. Earlier he drummed for the band from year 1989 to 1994. Chris was born in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales. He has worked with so many members as a co-worker.

Chris’s musical journey is started from year 1963 when he came from the same village as his fellow W. Tom Jones came. They both have played drums in the singer’s backing band. Chris’s real success came in year 1965 when he first time successfully recorded. Then in year 1969, before joining the group named Tomorrow Chris has done World Tour with Tom J.

Chris Slade Net Worth

Chris becomes a one of founder member of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in January of 1971. He spent seven years of his life with this band and recorded eight albums successfully. He was also achieved three times UK top ten singles as well. Chris received his highest recognition when he was invited to join AC / DC after their then drummer had departed. The management of AC / DC initially hired Chris for temporary basis. But letter offered him to join the band once he finished with their first album recording.

Chris played and recorded several albums, accompanied the world tour as well. But later it was informed that the AC / DC management trying to union with their earlier drummer Chris decided to depart from them. After departing from them Chris return to UK countryside and spent some peaceful time there. After few years he has received a call from British Progressive Rock Group Asia.

Then Chris accepted the offer and joined British Progressive Rock Group Asia. Chris worked with them for six years and departed in September 2005. Meanwhile, the speculation has started regarding returning of Chris Slade to AC / DC. This is because the earlier drummer of AC / DC is no more working with them due to some legal troubles and this news gone on viral.

Chris has returned to the band. He was photographed while signing the album with the band on 7th February, 2015. After the photo become viral through various channels Chris admitted openly that he is going to play drum for the band and the secrecy has been maintained for the good reasons. The band has also issued a statement mentioning that Chris Slade will be on drums for the upcoming Rock World Tour.

Education: The information regarding the schooling or education of the great musician and drummer Chris Slade is missing and not available as of now.

Net Worth of Chris Slade

The estimate net worth of Chris Slade is of $35 million. Chris Slade has generated his net worth from his professional drumming. For his almost fifty plus years of experience in professional drumming the rock musical Chris Slade has entertain peoples all over the world. The good thing is that still he is active in his role and working hard with entertaining all. The net worth of the artist is growing day by day.

Chris Slade is Welsh Rock Musician and a Drummer. The net worth he has generated is from his professional drumming. He has been part of several bands over the fifty plus years of his professional career. He has done several world tours with various brands and entertains the crowd all over the world.

Chris Slade is popular name especially for drumming and rock music. With the hard work and passion towards the art of drumming Chris Slade has been very much successful in his life from both the perspective fame as well as commercial. He has been serving and entertaining is hard core fans since last fifty plus years and the game is still on with same passion and dedication.