Buckethead Net Worth

Who is Buckethead and what is his net worth 2018? Brian Patrick Carroll is an American musician. His professional name is Buckethead. He is best known for wearing a bucket on his head that he claims were inspired by his seeing Halloween. He has a diverse talent illustrated by the various genres of music he participated in over the years. His fame has grown through his 300 albums and the more than 50 others he had collaborated with other artists.

Buckethead was born on 13th may 1969. He was born to Tom and Nancy Carroll as their last born. He has four older siblings namely Lynn, Lori, John, and Lisa. He grew up in Disneyland a place on the outskirts of southern California. His father was the director at Damien high school for 40 years until he retired in 2013. That more same year, her mother died, and her father died the following year. After migrating from Huntington Beach, California to Claremont, he started taking private guitar lessons. That improved his skills.

Buckethead Net Worth

Buckethead has successfully kept his personal life a secret. Only the chosen few had an opportunity to know the details of that part of his life. He has a signature look of wearing a bucket on his head. Usually, the bucket is labeled KFC with an orange bumper sticker with the word ‘funeral’ and a plain white mask too.

As a guitarist, he plays styles such as blues, bluegrass, jazz, progressive metal, and funk. His solo career began in 1987. Between 1987 and 1988, he was working with Class-X. In 1990, he was working with Limbo maniacs and Deli Creeps but went ahead to play with the latter until 2007. He has played with other bands including Guns N’ Roses, Iggy Pop, Praxis and Michael Kamen.

He also had another name that he uses to release albums which is Death Cube K. Buckethead, and Bill Moseley have a band by the name ‘CornBugs’. Axl Rose appointed Buckethead to be the guitarist of the remade Guns N’ Roses. On 2011, Ghost of Mars was released. Its director was John Carpenter, and the music producer was Bruce Robb. Buckethead and other were asked to do it.

The others are Robin Finck, Steve Vai, Elliot Easton, and Anthrax. He has performed with big names artists including Viggo Mortensen, Bassnectar, and Les Claypool. In summary, Buckethead has 302 studio albums, three music videos, four special releases, I extended play, five demo tapes, and three solo DVD videos.

Buckethead Net Worth

Through his many albums, considering every album has its value no matter the size, Buckethead has earned himself money. He has also had an opportunity to accumulate wealth. Buckethead has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Buckethead is an excellent musician and guitarist. He has not only released more than 90 studio albums but has also appeared on not less 50 albums as guest appearances on other artists’ work. Buckethead plays guitar, and his styles have included progressive metal, blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, and more