Brian Wilson Net Worth

Who is Brian Wilson and what is his net worth 2018? The multi tasking leader Brian Douglas Wilson is an American singer, songwriter, record composer and co-founder of a band named “The beach Boys”. His ability to write, arrange compose his own material gives an edge above other artist. Because of his incredible success, the period 1961-66 is known as Brain Wilson Era in music industry. “Pet Sounds”, composed, arranged, produced by Brian Wilson is one of the greatest albums ever made in the history.

He still has the same passion for the music. Brian Wilson is associated with many First’s, first music producer auteurs, first pop artist to handle all the aspect of song making, first rock artist to use the studio as an instrument. He is considered as a “God Father “for Indi musician. Being media –friendly persona, he is often portrayed as genius. With 55 year long and majestic career, Brain Wilson leaves an open question for us how much is the Brain Wilson’s Net worth?

Brian Wilson Net Worth 2018-2019

Brian Douglas Wilson was born on June 20, 1942 in Inglewood California to the parents Andree Neva and Murry Wilson. He is he elder child in the family. His two younger brothers were Dennis and Carl. Brain Wilson had music in his genes, thanks to his Father, who was also a famous songwriter, musician, record producer and Businessman. He was the back bone of rock band “The Beach Boy”, Brian Wilson has remarkable musical sensibilities. As a child he could repeat the melody from “When the Caissons Go rolling along”. He continued his music studies at community college.

Brian Wilson got married in year 1964 to Marilyn Rovell. He has two daughter named Carnie and Wendy. Later the couple got divorced. In year 1995 Brian again got married to Melinda Kea Ledbetter.

In 1960, Brian Wilson wrote his first melody. It was a version of” When You Wish upon a star”. It was a major hit. In the summer of 1961, Wilson with his brothers Carl and Dennis, formed a music group, named “Pendletones. They recorded the first single “Surfin”, which became a top hit and secured a position of number 75 on the national Billboard sales chart. Pendaletones later became The Beach Boys . In the summers of 1963, Brain attempted to establish his legacy as a record producer. He wrote “Surf city” with Jan Berry, and it reached at the top of Us Charts.

The band was performing rigorously which affected Brain’s health. Owing to this, he stopped performing on stage in 1964 and focused only on songwriting and studio productions. He has produced many successful albums in his long career. Some are listed below: The Full House (1988), Girls on Beach(1965), Love and Mercy(2014) and list is endless. All was major hits and owing to it, he is one of the legendary artists till date. Brain was diagnosed with mild depression. He also experienced auditory hallucinations .

Like his work, his awards are also endless. He has many awards in almost every category. He was nominated nine times in Grammy Awards, and won it two times in year 2005 and 2013 respectively. In 2015 he won Golden Globe Award for best Original songs for “One Kind Of Love from album “Love and Mercy”. 2011 grabbed him an award of UCLA George and Ira Gershwin Awards. In 2005 he won “Beach Boys Historic Landmark”. His first award was “Rock and Roll hall of fame “ in year 1988 as a member of the Beach Boys

Brian Wilson Net worth

With $85 millions net worth, Brian Wilson is at the number 32 in the list of richest music celebrities. His albums and stages shows contributed the most.

Brian Wilson is a perfect blend of talent and compassion. Despite of his success, he was grounded. He never allowed success to overrule him. He has shown to the world that success comes with some responsibilities, one should learn to deal with them.