Bounty killer Net Worth 2019

Who is Bounty killer and what is his net worth 2019? Bounty killer was originally named as Rodney basil price, who was one among the nine children. Bounty killer was born on June 12, 1972, in the Kingston ghetto, Jamaica. Being a dancehall mammoth he is also the owner of a well-reputed dancehall collective “the alliance” and the Group Scare Dem Crew.

His father possessed his own sound system which triggered Rodney price aka bounty killer to start his career as a deejay, at a young age of 9. Rodney lived along with his mother and siblings.

Bounty killer Net Worth

Bounty killer is famous for his violent and aggressive lyrics about the gun culture which labeled him as “One of the most aggressive dancehall stars of 90’s.” At the age of 14, on the way to home from school Price had a bullet penetrating the head because of political warfare issues in Jamaica. The incident ended up with more knowledge on gun and violence.

With the god’s grace and luck, Price was completely recovered from the gun shot. During his recovery he renamed himself as bounty killer; this incident is noted as bounty killer’s life turning point.

Because of his violent lyrics, he was refused by his close friend King jammy to release his first song “copper shot” in 1992.

But jammy’s brother released the tune and succour bounty, which hits the Jamaican billboard and announced as a great success. He had great competition with the leading deejays of 1990’s. He struggled continuously to stay high on the billboard reggae chart.


He started his own production company in 1995 and released his albums legally under his name. In 1996, “My Xperience” was a huge success which made his entry in the US and European market. In 1995, after releasing few songs like mama, defend the poor he also feat with great singers of 1990’s. Following the triumph of 1990’s, 2000’s was also a glorious year in bounty killers life. One of his notable victories is the Grammy award for his “Hey Baby” in 2002 raised his fame and popularity among youngsters.

He is still active and continues his career as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he was rumoured to be in the relationship with Gabriel a London-based singer. In 2016 in a talk show, a popular media personality Sewell agreed as one of the side chicks of Bounty killer for over 7 years. Moreover, Bounty was arrested twice for his miscellaneous act with a woman and not backing the traffic rules.

Education: With his skills, bounty won local talented competitions. But after the gun shot at the age of 14, he left his studies and continued his career as a deejay and sound stage performer.

Net Worth of Bounty killer

Bounty killer has the total net worth of $3.5 million. Bounty killer was listed among the top 10 Jamaica’s richest dancehall artist for the past 5 consecutive years.

In 2017, a brand new luxurious BMW 7 series (white) was purchased by Bounty. He builds his own luxurious dream house in 2009. Top albums like My Xperience, Ghetto Dictionary, and Hey baby were sold on Amazon and were up to date. He is also the owner of the dance hall collective and a well known reputed producer.

In 1992, uncle T released bounty killer’s first album “copper shot“. Later in 1995, he set up his own production company “Scare Dem”. Along with the deejay Manado, he organised his dancehall collective “The Alliance”. The alliance was started in 2003 in order to lift the dancehall stars. In 2011, the alliance was enlarged with many dancehall artists and named as “The Alliance Next Generation”.

He started his career as a deejay, then a stage performer, dancehall artist, and a rapper. He is the owner of dancehall collective “The Alliance”, which is to intensify youngsters.

Some of the best bounty killer’s albums to listen

In his huge collections, few were picked up and placed on the top list. They are

Hey baby (VP, 2001)
My Xperience (VP, 1996)
Ghetto Dictionary, the art of war (VP, 2002)
Next Millennium (TVT, 1996)
No Argument (Green sleeves, 1997)
The Mystery (VP, 2002)
Face to face (VP, 1994)

In spite of too many struggles in bounty’s life, he is growing stronger in his career. He involves in charity events and creates a platform to the young talented artists. He achieved a great success in his career and still active and strong.