August Alsina Net Worth

Who is August Alsina? What is net worth of August Alsina? August Alsina, originally known as August Anthony Alsina Jr. is an American recording artist who gained huge popularity through his song ‘I Luv This Shit’ which also won Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award in 2014. This song was once trending on the Billboard Charts. August belongs from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was born in 1992. August has seen a bitter childhood as his father and his stepfather used to have constant conflicts and his relation with his mother was also not great. Her mother shifted to Texas leaving his father for a better life, but things went worse.

August often had to face conflicts with his mother and when things went out of the hand, his mother asked him to leave the house. August’s life became pretty unfavorable and tough. He was already suffering from family issues and one more hurricane arrived to shatter his life. His brother was shot in 2010.

August Alsina Net Worth 2017-2018

This incident made him focused towards music and work harder to make it big in the industry. He turned more passionate about music and chose Hip Hop and R&B as his forte. He made his debut in 2011 with the mixtape called Untitled.

Education: Alsina’s childhood wasn’t like others. He had family and financial issues which stopped him at every step he wanted to take for his personal happiness and his career’s growth. He lost his father, his brother and his mother’s love at a very young age, which affected his education a lot. Due to being homeless and facing financial crisis, he once used to sell drugs.

Alsina got his first singing motivation from Lauryn Hill’s songs. When he shifted to New Orleans, his career climbed to a significant level. “I Luv This Shit” mixtape changed his life and he received many awards for that single too. His popular works include –
• I Luv This Shit
• The Product
• Product 2
• Testify

His prestigious award list comprises of the awards like BET and Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice

August Alsina Net Worth

Overcoming all the odds, the young Alsina made it possible in the American entertainment industry. He had no support, no financial benefits and no awesome life to help his musical career grow. From a homeless and struggling musician to the handsomely paid Hollywood artist with having shows in the top areas like London, Toronto, NYC and Los Angeles. His Net Worth is $4.3 Million US dollars as of 2017.

His mixtape Testimony was once hollering at the number 2 position on the Billboard list and that definitely added few more zeroes in his account. His singles experienced crazy downloads and he made enough money during his musical tours to buy himself all the luxury stuff he ever dreamt of. Alsina bags around $15,000 for every show and has a massive YouTube fans at present.

August Alsina Assets

Alsina started exhibiting his flair of music at the age of 14. He chose YouTube to showcase his work to the global audience. His contents became popular soon. Other than his social media earnings, he fills his pockets through reputed shows and his albums and singles. His single, Testimony became so popular that in the first week only, 67,000 copies of it were sold which made the HIP HOP and R&B singer richer. His car collection, houses and other assets are not listed yet.

Alsina was hospitalized in 2014 due to frequet collapsing seizures during his New York-based performance. Many well-known celebs including Nicki Minaj paid their visit in the hospital to see Alsina.

The New Orleans-based singer is in the buzz this year due to the intense visuals from his new track ‘Drugs’. Apart from the creative visuals like never seen before in Alsina’s previous contents, his looks are one of the hottest topics for debate nowadays. He is resembling the artists – Zoe Saldana as well as Tyra Banks in the track visuals. He has definitely taken the creativity stakes far higher with his new track. His fans are already going crazy behind his innovative content.

August Alsina has defeated all the odds and tackled various challenges in his life singlehandedly and reached a glorious position today without a godfather. He is a genteel person and he loves his job.