Anuel AA Net Worth 2018

Who is Anuel AA and what is his net worth 2018? Anuel AA as he is known popularly as was named Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago when he was born on the twenty-seventh of November, 1992. The son of the musician Jose Gazmey, he had music cruising through his blood right from birth, it could be said. A business and music graduate as well, Jose Gazmey worked at Sony Music Entertainment as the Vice President of the A&R department. So Anuel did have a musical background that helped him develop a passion for music.

There is an interesting story about how Anuel’s career took off. He had collected more than twenty thousand followers who had subscribed to his Sound Cloud account where he started uploading his music. So he had quite a lot of fans even before he became famous and released his debut album.

Anuel AA Net Worth


This Puerto Rican rapper who started making his own music in 2010, began recording for Maybach music. His song La Ocasión had a record 2 million hits within just two weeks on his Youtube page. Sensing his popularity, the Maybach Music Group signed a contract with him in their Latino division in 2015. He was also hired to sing in the company of yet another Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Ñengo Flow, in a series of Reggaeton mixtapes, Real G4 Life. However, his career had just taken off when he was arrested.

Among the many rappers from Puerto Rico, Anuel AA stands a class apart. He himself shared his views about his music with El lenguero TV in an interview. He likes to make music about the life he has lived through back in Puerto Rico in a middle-class family. The themes of his music include sex, drugs, violence and murder, all that he had lived through. In fact, he has mentioned that the American rapper Tupac Shakur was a source of his inspiration. He admits that he studied Shakur’s style a lot. He feels that Shakur’s music was also realistic.

The sway of modern trap music and the current trends on the mainland is apparent in Manuel’s music as is seen in the music of the other rappers from the island. The slow-tempo flow over a deafening 808- heavy beat in “Nunca Sapo,” coupled with the flamboyant atmosphere of the track is noteworthy. He mimics the playful “Versace” flow that was made popular by Migos in 2013 in the song “Liberace.”

While Trap music is not novel to the Puerto Rican music scene, the freshness of sound and the output of tracks is what make Anuel AA unique. Along with that, his IDGAF attitude towards his lyrics has made him popular. Hence his music can never be played on radio. He has been criticised for this attitude towards his lyrics in Puerto Rican as well as in English by critics from the island and even Snoop Dogg. In fact, Infórmate has said that he was a “ cancer” on música Urbana.

While there are critics who criticise his genre of music, there are defenders as well who support Anuel. None other than El Polakan of the OG hip-hop duo Lito & Polaco has endorsed him for his genre that is fresh and new. He went so far as to support Anuel’s lyrics and even urged other Puerto Ricans or Boricuas as he called them to update their musical style as well.

Anuel was on his way to make waves in the music industry when he was arrested on April 3, 2016. He was charged with possession of weapons. He was arrested having 3 Glock guns and ammunition in his Honda Accord. But being imprisoned in a federal prison has not subdued his popularity. His fans staged a demonstration in front of the federal prison in Guaynabo demanding his release. In fact, there is now a campaign called ‘Free Anuel’ asking for his release. Such is his fame.

Net Worth of Anuel AA

Anuel’s popularity and fame have earned him a net worth of $3 million. In fact, in the interview to El Lenguero TV, he exuded confidence when he said, “I’m the only one making money without having songs on the radio.” He went on to say that he would be sitting on the throne when the Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee retired.

Even though he is in prison, Anuel’s team continues to release music and keeps up with his fans on social media, thereby making his name even more popular. His team sells #FreeAnuel merch shirts as well. As for Anuel, he has more than a million followers in his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His YouTube videos have crossed 20 million views. Never before has an incarcerated musician been so popular from behind bars.