Alice Cooper Net Worth 2019

Who is Alice Cooper and what is his net worth 2019? Alice Cooper is a very talented American singer, songwriter, and a musician. Alice and his band collaboratively known for their stage shows in which they feature guillotines, electric chairs, baby dolls, fake blood, boa constrictors etc. Alice is known as “The father of shock rock”. Alice moves to Arizona and forms his band selecting talented persons and then never looked back. The success started coming by their way since 1971. Further, he also started performing solo and fortunately touch the pinnacle of success.

Early Life

Alice was born as ‘Vincent Damon Furnier’ on 4th February 1948 in Detroit, Michigan. Alice started his music career when he was 16 years old and at this end, his first band was formed.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

He got his education from -’Glendale Community College’ and did his schooling from ‘Cortez high school’. Cooper’s father was a preacher in the church of Monongahela, Pennsylvania while his grandfather ‘Thurman Sylvester Furnier’ was an apostle in the same church. He was also an active member in church till 11 years old but his destiny was written in the music career.

Cooper is a father of three children – Calico, Dash, and Sanora Cooper. Cooper married to Sheryl Goddard, a choreographer on 20th March 1976. Alice had an extreme habit of drugs and alcohol but later he gave up his drinking and also helped his group members to come out over the habit of drugs

Alice Cooper’s career completed a half century in the year 2011. Despite his very long career, he has enjoyed an incredible success. His ‘Poison’ was one of the greatest hit of the 1980s, which touched the peak chart 2nd in UK and 7th in the US. in 1970s Vincent Fournier changed his name to Alice Cooper and through it only he got the fame.

Alice was nominated for the best music video from his -the nightmare’ and also was nominated for the best metal performance for -hands of death’.

After the popular hit of the 1970s like ‘i’m eighteen’, School’s out, which was performed by their band named Billion Dollar Babies, he started his career in solo performing. Alice started his solo performance since 1975. He released many albums and all of them were liked by the public. He is responsible for making such a huge net worth and increases it tremendously. In the entertainment industry, Alice has become one of the richest entertainers in the Hollywood industry.

Net Worth of Alice Cooper

Cooper net worth comprised of his solo performance as well as performing with a band. His net worth comprises of his side projects like his Cooper’s restaurants and sports bar in Phoenix. Cooper owns nightly radio shows which are syndicated to over 100 of stations. He owns property holdings, a football team( the Detroit Angels) and also a brand of perfume (Love from Alice). Alice also owns a fashion line which adds a great part to his net worth name ‘Alice Cooper seduction’.

His net is estimated at $45 million. He owns a very luxurious car series such as Mustang worth $30000 and a very beautiful villa worth $3 million.

Alice Cooper is a flexible person who is known for his unique and extra ordinary qualities of singing and performing with different and bizarre features in the world. The mysterious features he used in his performance enhances his success which helps to add a lot of money which comprises his net worth. In spite of a very old age, he carries a heart of a teenager and this quality motivates him to continue to keep on singing and performing.