Aidonia Net Worth 2019

Who is Aidonia and what is his net worth 2019? With his dancehall and reggae style, Aidonia has left an incredible impact on the Jamaican music industry. His original name is Sheldon Aitana Ricardo Lawrence. He is a well-known Jamaican deejay with music genres inspired by ’80’s and ’90’s dancehall reggae. Aidonia is his stage name which is given to him by adding the two words those are ‘Aitana’ and ‘Donia’. Aitana is picked from the first two letters of his middle name and Donia is the name that he got while playing football.

Early Life

Aidonia was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 6th April, 1981. His father was an ex-soldier and mother was a teacher. Aidonia took dejaaying only as a hobby until 1997 when he left Jamaica to join his father in New York. He got inspired by a tape of ‘Sting 1993’ with the infamous clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. After which he decided to pick the deejaying as his career. And he started acting out that clash for his friends and for his classmates. He wrote his own lyrics and performed the concerts at schools. Then finally he formed a crew with his friends called J.A.G. 1(Jah A Guide One) which was also known as Jag One Productions or J.O.P.

Aidonia Net Worth

After leaving Jamaica, he did a job at FedEx along with some dancehall scenes in New York. And after doing some struggle, he met producer Skatta in 2004 and recorded ‘Lolly’ with him which became Aidonia’s first hit. Since then, he has recorded many singles and has been featured on various compilations from VP records to Greensleeves Records.

Aidonia got married to his fiance Kimberly Megan in 2016 and had a boy named King Khalif Lawrence.

Education: Aidonia started his education from Mona Heights Primary School. And then he took admission in Meadowbrook High School from where he was expelled because of having bad company when he was in 6th class. It was the time of 1994 when Aidonia was still attending Meadowbrook School where he felt his love towards the music for the first time.



In October, 2003, Aidonia met Mr. G or Goofy which gave his life a new turn. He gave him a chance to record his first single ‘Many a Dem’ at his label, Goofy’s Young Blood. Then he worked with Rod Pinnock of Orizen Entertainment. In the early 2004, he became a popular performer at a weekly event known as ‘Battle Thursdays’ from where he started his musical journey in the real means.

In the end of 2004, producer Cordell Skatta Burrell invited Aidonia to record the song at his studio. Two months later, Aidonia had his first hit which was the song ‘Lolly’. He later tied up with Gangbang Entertainment and worked with Skatta for a period of time. Several popular songs such as Eagle, Prayer, Inna di Ghetto were also recorded in that duration. In 2009, ‘Federation Sound’ released Bolt Action, a mixtape that gave Aidonia a new recognition in hip-hop and dancehall music. J.O.P. got more popularity during 2010 with several new hits like Rund Road and All 14. Aidonia’s album ‘One Voice’ was released in 2013.

Since 2005, he gave lot of hits to dancehall music like Chicken Head, Prayer, Unknown Assailant, Kingfish Ah Come and Ooku and many more. He also made a song with Bounty Killer that was Sen Fi Dem.

Aidonia is not only good musician but also a good human being and One Voice Foundation Shows his humanitarian efforts. The 1V or One Voice Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established by Aidonia in 2014 that launched an initiative geared towards educating youths and helping needy students.

Aidonia has set his sights on becoming one of Jamaica’s top artists before he conquers the international market to become the superstar surpassing many others. There are no limitations on where he plans to take his career. Aidonia plans to develop himself as an artist and keep putting his hard work to give the dancehall music new heights. In next five years, he is likely to produce an international album.

Net Worth of Aidonia

Aidonia is a popular Jamaican musician and has released number of dancehall and reggae hits during his shiny career. Lolly was his first hit that eventually became an anthem in the dancehall industry. As of now, the net worth of Aidonia is about $1 million.

The sources say that rapper Shyne Barrow to feature Aidonia for the rap and dancehall collaboration album along with other top Jamaican artists.