Victoria Silvstedt Net Worth

Who is Victoria Silvstedt? What is net worth of Victoria Silvstedt? Karin Victoria Silvstedt is one of the most attractive models out there who is immensely popular even after her primetime. Born on 19 September 1974, Victoria would grow up to be a Swedish model, actress, singer and television personality.

Victoria was born in Skelleftehamn in Sweden and was the middle child with an elder sister and a younger brother. From a very young age, she was very fond of horseback riding and wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up. The family settled in Bolinas where Victoria’s father coached the local ski team. Victoria herself started alpine skiing at the age of five years old and went on to participate in youth championships at the age of 15. During one such competition, Victoria injured her shoulder permanently ending her skiing career at age 16.

Victoria Silvstedt Net Worth 2017-2018

Not one to be put down, her mother and sister saw different potential in her and sent some of her photos to the pageant officials of the Miss Sweden beauty pageant. This took place a few years after her accident. Victoria took her place in the pageant and eventually won, which got her a place in the 1993 Miss World pageant at Sun City, South Africa. At the Miss World pageant, she made the top 10 which led to her getting many offers from modeling agencies to work for them in Paris. She accepted the offer of one such agency in Paris which helped her reach new heights by giving her the opportunity to model for huge fashion houses like Chanel, Valentino and Giorgio Armani.

Career: Once it was decided that she was going to make a career out of modeling, Victoria put all her efforts into it and started working hard to come up as a successful model. Once she started modeling for the big fashion houses, she was noticed by Hugh Hefner who recruited her for the Playboy magazine. She became Playmate of the year soon after, in 1997. This led to her getting bigger contracts and she eventually got the most prestigious modeling contract in the world which was the Guess? Spokesmodel. She got the job in the 1990’s succeeding many other famous models. She continued modeling well into the new century and has been in an estimated 500 magazine covers to date.

Apart from her modeling career, she began acting in the late 1990’s and bagged several roles in Hollywood as well as in the Italian film industry. Her roles in the European film and Television industry is also well renowned. Another important project was her role in an Off-Broadway production titles Pieces in the year 2004.

Victoria is truly multi-talented which is obvious from the fact that her passion did not stop at just modeling and acting. She presented various TV shows and became a very popular TV presenter. She also became a singer by releasing an album titled Girl on the run. She also considers herself quite proficient in designing and released a lingerie line to that accord. Her lingerie line was called Very Victoria Silvstedt. Victoria is a really passionate woman and she keeps herself busy by engaging herself in many projects which led to her fame. Hers is truly a story of hard work leading to success.

Victoria Silvstedt Net Worth

Victoria Silvstedt has a total net of $17 million US dollars as of 2017. The high net worth is totally a result of the extremely hard work put in by this woman. She has worked for her success and achieved heights that she could never dream of. She receives several modeling contracts each year earning her millions which are why her net worth is so high. She has worked with several brands including Nike, Lynx and Triumph International.

The story of Karin Victoria is one for the history books. She is an epitome of hard work and success. Her story should be broadcast to the whole world inspiring them in the process. Even after her prime modeling age, she keeps earning due to her various brand endorsements and deals. Instead of restricting her work only to the model field she expanded her knowledge and experience by keeping involved in several fields at the same time which is another reason for her huge success!