Rachel Reynolds Net Worth 2019

Who is Rachel Reynolds and what is her net worth 2019? Rachel Reynolds was born on November 4, 1982, in Mandeville, Louisiana, USA. Her full name is Rachel Reynolds Dellucci. She was brought up in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is best known as one of the new crops of “Barker’s Beauties”, Bob Barker and “Carey’s Cuties”. She is also known as by her nickname which is “Rach”.

She was one of the finals of a competition in 2002, in the search to take place of Brooke Burke as the anchor of Wild On! She inattentively smashed a new car on the shooting of The Price is Right — This was the first car crash for the show.

Rachel Reynolds Net Worth

On April 30, 2004, Rachel maintained a car onto the shooting for the pricing game Lucky Seven, smashing the bumper of the car into door 3. Bob Barker alludes that Rachel was the second one model to smash the bumper of the car into the door, Janice Pennington was the first one model to have drunken a car during Lucky Seven but Barker does not allude her name.

Rachel connected with The Price is Right family at the very end of Season 31 as her debut as rotating Barker’s Beauty ran from June 6th to 18th for a total of 9 episodes. She then started performing more regularly since the 32nd season.

Before and during her rotating terms on The Price is Right, Rachel handled a modelling career. She was a model for VENUS Swimwear (regularly supplying swimwear for the models on Price) and has been characterised on six domestic magazine covers for Fitness RX. She has work experienced with Mr. Drew Carey on “The ((All-) (New)) Price is Right on CBS-TV from 2009 till to the present.

Rachel also in short replaced for Tiffany Coyne on Let’s Make a Deal. The 41st season of the show premiere, Reynolds publicised that she’s expected with her first child. On February 13, 2013, of her third wedding anniversary and Rachel gave birth to a baby girl named Ruby. She given appearance with her newborn baby girl via Skype on the Mother’s day special episode of The Price is Right which aired on May 10, 2013, calling the next mother/child pair to “COME ON DOWN!”

An unforgettable episode that expressed on February 5, 2015, characterised a “competition “of sorts between Rachel and Amber Lancaster. The “argument “started at that time when Rachel has exhibited the top One Bid prize; a digital camera, which as well as characterised photos of herself, Amber, and Drew Carey.

Rachel was sketched as the villainess in the “argument,” as she was in a light-hearted manner bragged about having the largest photo, while Amber’s was by chance knocked down. The pair invented after the showcase round, with each one vigorously framed photos of the other. Nevertheless, Amber did receive payback and “by chance” dropped Rachel’s photo.

She is currently the fourth long time working model on The Price is Right (further of Kathleen Bradley), and if she is still on the show through 2021, her long service will suitable overshadow that of Holly Hallstrom, making her the third long time working model.

She was earlier getting married to quarterback Josh Booty and later she was married to David Dellucci in 2010 and pair has one daughter named Ruby Rel Dellucci. She gave birth to her 1st child at her age of 30, her daughter named Ruby Rey Dellucci on February 13, 2013. Child’s father is her life partner or husband, David Dellucci.

Education: Rachel educated from Louisiana State University (LSU) before starting her modelling career.

Net Worth of Rachel Reynolds

Beautiful Rachel Reynolds is a model whose net worth is of $3 Million. Her source of income is mainly acting from which she earned weekly $7,700, monthly $31,000 and annually $380,000.

She got a membership of LSU’s track-and-field team. She once has experienced as a model on The Price is Right, which was anchored by Drew Carey after the time of Bob Barker’s retirement.

The popular host, actress as well as a model, Rachel Reynolds is almost a household name. Her popularising appearance was that in the television contest, “The Price is Right”. Since then she is slowly and steadily got top position on the popularity charts.