Elin Nordegren Net Worth 2018

Who is Elin Nordegren and what is her net worth 2018? Elin Nordegren is Swedish based model, as well as recognised as ex-wife of professionally acclaimed golfer named Tiger Woods. Get details of net worth of Elin Nordegren by reading below:

Early Life

Nordegren belonged to Stockholm, located in Sweden. Her mother named Barbro Holmberg, is acknowledged as a politician as well as the prior Swedish immigration and asylum policy parson, and the prior Governor of Gävleborg County. Her father’s name is Thomas Nordegren, recognised as a radio journalist worked as a agency chief in Washington, located in D.C. This model has an elder brother named Axel, as well as twin sister named Josefin.

Elin Nordegren Net Worth

She and her sister served on odd summer jobs as well as bankers in shops to fund their studies. It is known that she began career in modelling in year 2000, as well as made appearance on famous cover of magazine entitled Cafe Sport in 2000. Glancing at her education, in year 2014 Nordegren completed graduation from Rollins College in Winter Park, located in Florida, through a degree in psychology, obtaining prestigious award i.e. Outstanding Senior award.

Nordegren accepted one job in Stockholm clothing shop named Champagne, in which she met Parnevik, known as wife of Swedish based golfer named Jesper Parnevik, who recruited this model as the caretaker to their kids. He presented her to Woods throughout year 2001 Open Championship. The couple got married in year 2004 in Barbados and Woods hired the whole complex for one week, comprising three golf developments as well as 110 rooms, costing nearly $2 million.

Soon after relationship of Nordegren with Woods turned public, stripped images claiming to be of Nordegren started socialising online, which was founded as fakes. Notwithstanding the exposing, in year 2006, Irish magazine entitled as The Dubliner socialised the nude images and mentioned they were related to Nordegren. In year 2006, Nordegren registered a libel suit contrary to The Dubliner. Nordegren received 125,000 Euros, as well as The Dubliner was needed to issue a long apology in a diversity of venues.

In year 2009, the model’s wedding to Woods was noted to be the subject of widespread media attention after he self-confessed to infidelity. This had actually been exposed after his single-vehicle type of accident around the Florida home of family. It is known that Woods afterward declared that he will observe a break from golf sport to focus on his marriage.

Such efforts were essentially unsuccessful, but, as Woods and Nordegren confirmed their divorce in Panama City, located in Florida, in year 2010 Nordegren’s legal squad comprised her sister named Josefin and many of Josefin’s U.S. contemporaries at global law firm named McGuireWoods.

Utilising $100 million she gained through her divorce, she acquired $12 million worth Florida home, constructed in the era of 1920s. Moreover, she had the whole structure destroyed after a designer counselled that it made enhanced sense to begin over as compared to try conveying the house to prevailing hurricane safety codes. Prior demolishing that house in year 2011, the model permitted Habitat for Humanity to arrive inside the house for four weeks as well as save anything they identify of value.

It was year 2007 that her husband announced the birth of their daughter named Sam Alexis Woods. In year 2008, he declared that they were about to welcome next child during late winter. Later in 2009, Nordegren delivered birth to a boy named Charlie Axel.

Net Worth of Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren is renowned as a Swedish based prior nanny, model as well as the ex-wife of professionally commended golfer named Tiger Woods. This actually amasses to Nordegren’s high net worth of $120 million. It is found that Nordegren is perhaps most renowned for becoming ex-wife of golfer named Tiger Woods, through which she got wealth and fame.

Elin Nordegren is a beautiful model from Sweden, known for her appearance in modelling career and even as ex-wife of golfer – Tiger Woods. Nordegren’s attractive appearance earned her much money in her career.