Brittany Renner Net Worth 2019

Who is Brittany Renner and what is her net worth 2019? In today’s time, where every youth is looking forward for a fit and attractive body, Brittany Renner is an inspiration for them. Fitness enthusiast and aspiring fitness model who made a name for herself on Instagram under the name ‘bundleofbrittany’. She frequently uses the hashtag #FitThickArmy.

Instagram is a social networking site where people post their pictures and videos. People follow other people, pages, troll accounts, online shopping accounts, celebrities, etc. Brittany Renner is one of the Instagram celebrity. She has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Brittany Renner Net Worth

Early Life

Brittany Renner has a birth of 26 February 1992. She has grown up in Mississippi, US. She is 25 years old. She was raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and would later relocate to Los Angeles, California. She has a brother named Steven and a sister named Lexie.

Brittany says that she lived a struggling life before she got fame. There was a point that Renner’s career was at rock bottom, and she was living in a basement — but her fans never knew.

“I spent tonnes of money on rental cars, hotels…clothes to just f**king ‘look the part’,” Brittany explained during her inspirational talk.

Renner’s grandmother has raised her. Her grandma is the one who took care of her in her childhood. Renner never had good relations with her mother, but a fact that can’t be denied is that a mother has always a special place in her children life. Brittany says, “Mom was always so hard on me, her and I bumped heads a lot, I couldn’t f**king stand her half the time and how you treated her never made my relationship with her any easier but before I left you she gave me amazing advice”.


Brittany is an Instagram model star. She is basically a fitness model, different from a fashion model. She was a soccer player at Jackson State University, helping the Tigers win the 2010 SWAC championship before she got in modelling.

She has launched her an iOS and android application viz. ‘B.Renner Fitness’. She has given her tips and explained different exercises for different bodies and ages. Also, one can buy online clothes from her this application. Her caption on most of the clothes is “diamond seeking diamond”, which is quite attractive. Most of those clothes are black in colour.

She has posted pictures to Instagram of herself alongside fellow fitness guru Shaniah Dipuccio. Brittany is a not only a fitness model but she is also helping people in exercise and keeping their body fit all over the world.

She is a very hard-working woman and she is gaining popularity day by day. It was rumoured that Brittany dated Football quarterback for San Francisco 49ers of the NFL Colin Kaepernick in July 2014. In summer 2016, Brittany starts dating Australian basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA Ben Simmons. Brittany surely has a type ‘an athletic one’.

Net Worth of Brittany Renner

Fitness model Brittany Renner gained recognition through her Instagram account, which brought her amazing 1.8 million followers! She is also partner with and launched her own app B.Renner Fitness by Brittany Renner, which was made by JAFA GROUP INC. Brittany Renner’s current net worth is around $600 thousand.

Brittany is usually a gleeful woman with a lot to show for her hard work. Constantly under scrutiny from naysayers, she is not one who is unfamiliar to trolling “haters.” However, it would seem as though they touched a nerve today. Not that any other day is less challenging to hold her peace, but today, she let loose on the accusers.

Brittany Renner has proved her hard work worth. Brittany advised, “You really just have to put the work in, and that s**t will come”. Brittany Renner was fortunate enough to realise that she didn’t have to turn a temporary circumstance into a permanent situation. She is just aiming her goal with all the passion and hard work required.