Will Castro Net Worth

Who is Will Castro and what is his net worth 2018? Will Castro is extensively recognised as an American based automotive designer, entrepreneur, as well as a reality television personality. Net worth of Will Castro is high in millions; get to know more by reading below:

Will Castro was born and brought up on a Lower East Side, prior his parents got departed and he relocated towards Brentwood, the place where he completed graduation in high school — later started his personal car-detailing store entitled as Willie’s Shape & Shine within Islip. He also enlarged to a superior space inside Patchogue, as well as his business progressed as Unique Conversions within Brentwood; Unique Autosports within Uniondale as well as later Holbrook; and, from year 2012, known as Will Castro Designs.

Will Castro Net Worth 2018-2019

Will Castro love cars, however if the excess of reality shows around personalised vehicles is any sign, they too admire to pimp the rides — to summarise the title of an early similar series. Presently comes out the newest: Velocity’s “Unique Rides,” highlighting the Smithtown custom-car based company named as Will Castro Designs.

This is actually a second new reality show constructed about a Long Island car based customizer, subsequent History’s “Leepu & Pitbull,” as well as a second made for Castro, after “Unique Whips” on a defunct Speed Channel during period of 2005 till 2008. He too owned “Unique Autosports: Miami” right on Spike in year 2010.

Moreover, his shows have also been celebrity-driven type, as well as guests on the latest one highlight singers like Austin Mahone and Jason Derulo, rapper named Busta Rhymes, actor named John Leguizamo as well as sportspersons namely Odell Beckham Jr., Carmelo Anthony and Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin.

He states that they own high-profile kind of Rolodex, who even lists Pamela Anderson, 50 Cent, LeBron James, Sean Combs, CC Sabathia, Jeff Gordon, and Donald Trump as his clients. However on that show, he claims that the car is a real star and his celeb friends, also they appear at the car when the star. Till the end, this show bulls clear of his home life. In this regard, he states “Velocity,” and needs it to be around the procedure of deceiving out 1 percenters’ trips.

Certainly, it was a promising celeb’s car which has placed Castro on the map. His younger brother named Bobby has gone to high school in Brentwood along with rapper named as Erick Sermon. At one point he stated that Will, Erick have contracted a record agreement and wishes to let his Mercedes-Benz done.

It is found that Erick arrived in and told that every rapper possesses a Mercedes-Benz 190E and he is having a 300E. He wished to crush it, to place a ragtop and also make it a convertible. Moreover, he also wished Castro to just drop it off towards him at one concert held in year 1989 where several other hip-hop celebs were making performance or even attending. It all began during early 1980s, when a lifelong car lover named Castro apprenticed at John owned Auto Body in Islip.

Will Castro Net worth

Will Castro is by now acknowledged as an automotive designer, capitalist, and reality television personality possessing net worth of $6 million. He is finest recognised for his company entitled as Will Castro’s Designs and Unique. He too earned well by featuring in popular reality TV series entitled as Unique Whips, Unique Whips: Special Edition, and Unique Autosports: Miami.

Moreover, he too possesses Unique Yachts as well as Will Castro Designs. His latest reality television series entitled Unique Rides will be broadcasted on Velocity network. Names of his clients comprise Busta Rhymes, Jason Derulo, Odell Beckham, Jr., Carmelo Anthony, Sean Combs, 50 Cent, LeBron James, Pamela Anderson, and Donald Trump.

On account of love for cars, Will Castro is recognised as an avid automotive designer. Moreover, he is famed and wealthy as he owns a company entitled Will Castro’s Designs and Unique, serving as its leading position.