Simon Saran Net Worth 2019

Who is Simon Saran and what is his net worth 2019? Simon Saran was the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Global Wealth Enterprise. He is currently the general manager of GPS motors. He is best known for being the boyfriend of Farrah Abraham who is a Teen Mom star.

Early Life

Simon Saran was born on 19 November 1988 in San Diego, United States of America. He grew up in the United States of American.He attended the University of California situated in San Diego. The information is according to his LinkedIn profile. Saran graduated from the University with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning in 2010.There is very little information about him available. The unavailability could be explained by the fact that he and Farrah Abraham just started dating. Their relationship began in 2015.

Simon Saran Net Worth

Simon Saran is a real estate agent. He buys and sells luxury cars from GPS motor too. Saran is currently the general manager of the company. His success shows that he is good at what he does. He is the owner of Empire West Realty and was the Chief Executive Officer of Global Wealth Enterprises.The global Wealth Enterprise no longer exist.Though there is a law office by that name in Chicago that still exists. That makes Simon Saran both a real estate agent and a car salesman.

Simon Saran is the boyfriend of Farrah Abraham. He and Farrah started dating in 2015. Why could having a relationship with her make someone famous? She is a musician phonographic actress, TV personality and author. She is a star of Team Mom.

Thanks to a charity that they both attended, they got to know each other. They have been dating for almost two years now. Travelling is a characteristic of their relationship since it is a long distance one. Simon Saran lives in San Diego and Farrah in Austin, Texas. However, they both travel back and forth to see each other.

They are not yet named. Ever since the beginning of the relationship, it has been an on and off. Could they get married considering the current situation? Only time can tell.

Net Worth of Simon Saran

Everyone would like to know the net worth of the guy who has swept Farrah Abraham off her feet. Simon Saran makes money from selling cars as well as through real estate. He has therefore accumulated some wealth over the years. Simon Saran estimated net worth is $1 million. The fact that he has not shared it publicly means that the net worth stated above is not verified.

Could people have noticed him were it not for the circumstances? After a long wait of Farrah Abraham’s fan in regards to her relationship, she finally let the cat out of the cat. Simon Saran is the boyfriend of Farrah Abraham. They are not yet married. Only time will tell whether they will exchange the marriage vows. Simon Saran is a car dealer and a real estate agent.