Richard Dinan Net Worth

Who is Richard Dinan and what is his net worth 2018? Richard Dinan best known for his appearance in TV show Made in Chelsea, is a real life entrepreneur. He is the founder and director of several versatile companies in the technology, venture capital, media and security sectors, and services such as the Phantom card, a restaurant discount service and Centurion which is the bracelet that can be used in replacement of keys. Until 2013, he might be popular in the UK in the business community but after making his debut in E4’s reality television show Made in Chelsea(3rd series) he became quite popular across the globe.

After that, he left the show when it reached the 5th season of the show. But in 2015, he again joins the same television show that was producing the tenth series of the show. Richard was born in the United Kingdom on October 28, 1986.

Richard Dinan Net Worth 2018-2019

He dropped out the school and at age of 16, he was making his own money by working at Holland and Holland guns. In his case, you can say money got attraction towards him since he was 16.

Richard Dinan Net Worth

Richard Dinan has a net worth of $8 million. Dinan is the founder and operator of several companies including restaurant discount service Phantom Card. Alongside his business partner Alexander NallCain, they both begun with a £400 of personal investments from Richard Dinan and raised £55,000 in three months from two Australian investors proving him a great Entrepreneur and a further £1 million six months later from the Swiss fund Everest.Phantom Card is now one of the UK’s most popular discount dining cards.

Dinan’s famous restaurant discount service Phantom Card is allegedly on track to have over 1 million members and is posting an annual turnover of impressive £0.75 million. So let’s have look at how this reality television star and an entrepreneur spends his million dollars and what are the things he spends his millions on? Like most businessmen and celebrities, Richard does have the great test of expensive toys and luxurious house. Being English and quite popular now this English actor now also have the connection with the prince of England but he chooses to stand up on his own feet by himself without any favour.

Being a millionaire and earning in millions, Richard is surely having the super and luxurious collection of cars. And he must be having a great time in his villa in London. Unfortunately, when it comes to cars and home of Richard it is hard to investigate. He does not have any private jet and private boat but the way he is moving, he may have one in future for sure.

This English born reality show actor and you can say a businessman, started making money at age of 16. There are not a lot information about his parents and siblings but most people aware of that he is very close to his grandfather Francis Curzon aka Earl Howe who won the 24-hour racing in France Le Mans. He is the son of parents executive headhunter Captain John Dinan and Lady Charlotte Curzon. As an entrepreneur, he is also having his own social network which includes his profile on LinkedIn, foursquare etc.

He cousin, Cressida Bonas is currently dating Prince Harry. When it comes to relationship From 2011 til 2012, Richard dated hot blonde Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack. After their breakup, Dinan didn’t stay single for a long. Another attractive girlfriend entered his life. Kimberley Garner is not only rich and famous swimwear designer and socialite but also an incredibly hot woman. But also this relationship didn’t last.

Founder and operator of many companies and a television actor, Richard Dinan proved himself as a successful entrepreneur or Businessman and earned the reputation of top-notch television actor after his playing in show Made in Chelsea.