Reginald Net Worth

Reginald aka Andy Dinh is an American-Vietnamese entrepreneur, who has a net worth of $1.4 million US dollars. He is also a former legend of the League player. He is the founder of North American League of League Championship Series (NA LCS). He is amongst the only 19 players, who have qualified for 3 World Championships.

Reginald Biography

Andy Dinh was born in 1982 on 7th August was in a family of Vietnamese immigrants in San Jose, California. He was raised in California, USA. He also has a brother named Dan Dinh, who is also a profession League of Legend champion and player.

Reginald Net Worth 2017-2018

He completed his schooling from Campbell’s Westmont High School. He joined professional gaming soon after his high school and didn’t pursue getting a bachelor’s degree.

Currently, Reginald is dating Leena Xu, who is currently the General Manager at Team SoloMid.

He joined the playing League of Legends in 2008. Soon he was given the named ‘Reginald’, which perfectly describes his energetic and aggressive play style, which includes him roaming around a lot in the game and going on killing parades.

Almost 10 years of experience has now, tamed the beast within him, and known he is known for playing rather calm and planned game plans.

In 2009, he created a team called ‘All or Nothing’ with his brother, which helped them in entering the tournament together. However, their team didn’t last long, because of their differences in game strategies and play style.

He then created a website called ‘Team SoloMid’, which became a huge success. This website basically shared blog articles on League of Legends stating some guidelines and tips.

TSM later became the only team that appeared on the game’s Championship. In 2011, the team managed to get the 3 rd place, while they came first in Major League’s Gaming Province Tournament. His name has also been included in the Forbes list of 30 under 30.

He also has a YouTube channel under the name of his company ‘TSM’, which was created in 2010, and has over 1.3 Billion views and subscribers over 600,000 as of 2017.

His company has a tie-up with brands like CyberPowerPC, T-Mobile,, Red Bull, Logitech, HTC, Geico, and HyperX.

Apart from League of Legends, his company is also known for playing games like ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, ‘Smite’, and ‘Call of Duty’.

Reginald also acts as a game coach in the company, whenever required. Their players are always eager to meet the master behind the all the game strategies, which has helped them in winning dozens of championships.

Reginald hasn’t received any official award for being the best player at League of legends, but given his track record, the game producers should send him an award. He has also won multiple gaming titles and championship, which has created a huge followership for him. People literally wait for his reaction or any new video game when it is released.

How much is Reginald Net Worth in 2017

Reginald has an estimated net worth of more than $1.4 million US dollars as of 2017. He made most of the fortune, by winning online game tournaments gaining more than $554,150 according to He also makes thousands from his company Team SoloMid and its YouTube channel. His company has some promising partners who have definitely drafted his firm in millions.

The Game icon is one of the biggest gamers in the virtual world. His expertise has helped in establishing a business through his game play and determination that helps him and his team in winning every game that is thrown in their direction.