Patrick Bet David Net Worth

Patrick David is an American entrepreneur and financial adviser. After being discharged from the American Army, Patrick kick-started his career in financial services with Morgan Stanley and Transamerica Corporation. He started a radio show on KKLA-FM called “Saving America”. Prior to this, he had started a crusade of the same name. He is also a blogger. He is an interesting personality and has been appreciated by Steve Wozniak and Rick Santorum. Patrick is also an author and has written books like The 25 Law for doing the Impossible and The Next Perfect Storm. His company PHP Agency offers insurance, debt settlements, and 401k roll-overs. His estimated net worth is $11 million US dollars.

Patrick Bet David was born on October 1978 in Tehran, Iran. During the late 1980s, Patrick and his father ran away from Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. They both stayed in refugee camps in Germany for the duration of two years. They came to the United States in 1990. During this time Patrick was young as 12.

Patrick Bet David Net Worth 2017-2018

After completing his school he volunteered his contribution in the army. He was selected and served with the 101st Airborne Division. Later he was discharged from the army. He began his career in financial services after being discharged from the army. The first two companies he started working for were Morgan Stanley and Transamerica Corporation. He wanted to do something on his own and thus started his own company called PHP agency.

Patrick is married to Jennifer Bet David and has three children

Patrick Bet David’s first career choice was the American Army. After finishing high school he enlisted in the army. After being selected he served in the 101st Airborne Division. He was later discharged from the army.

After being discharged he decided to change his career. He got interested in the financial departed and started his career in the financial services. He started working with Morgan Stanley and later with Transamerica Corporation. He wanted to do something of his own and wanted to become an entrepreneur. This led him to create his own company called PHP Agency. This is an insurance company.

The company offers temporary and permanent insurance, debt settlements, annuities, health insurance and 401k roll-overs. Patrick had interviewed many interesting and famous personalities. His famous interviewees include entrepreneurs and changemakers, of course.

In addition to this, Patrick Bet David is also an author and has Authored books like The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible, The Next Perfect Storm, The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 pages and a controversial book named Drop Out and Get Schooled.

How much is Patrick Bet David Net Worth in 2017

Patrick Bet David has had a career span of nearly a decade. Within this time he was able to achieve a lot of success and fame. He has an estimated net worth of $11 millions US dollars as of 2017.

Patrick Bet David’s success story is a true rags to riches one. From a small immigrant boy to a millionaire entrepreneur, his life is a true inspiration.