Pastor Mark Burns Net Worth 2018

Who is Pastor Mark Burns and what is his net worth 2018? He is an entrepreneur and a televangelist whose career has spanned close to four decades, or 3.8 to be precise. Born in Anderson on September 21, 1979, Pastor Mark Burns is an American Christian Pastor in South Carolina of Harvest Praise and Worship Center. During the Presidential Elections in America 2016, the Time Magazine labeled Mark Burns as the top Pastor. He supported Trump Presidential campaign by appearing on many news channels such as CBS News, BBC. CNN, FOX News etc. and speaking in favor of him.

Early Life

Pastor Mark Burns was born to Otis and Debra Burns as John Mark Burns on September 21, 1979, in Anderson, South Carolina. During his childhood days, Mark Burns started learning to play the keyboard as well as singing religious music. He started his career early, along with his family group, ‘the Burns Brothers’ of Belton, South Carolina. They used to travel extensively around the country in the nineties.

Pastor Mark Burns Net Worth

Burns was accredited as the minister of the gospel at the age of 16 under his father at the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, South Carolina. In terms of education, he attended Belton Honea Path High School along with his preaching. He received his degree in 1998. Later on, he attended North Greenville University for one semester. On February 19, 2005, Burns was decreed at Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church, in Seneca, S. Carolina.

Pastor Mark Burns is married to Tomarra Burns. They both are blessed with six children. Mark Burns has a vast experience as a preacher. He experimented with the media portals such as the radio and television to communicate and spread Christianity. He and his wife jointly created a Christian television network centered in South Carolina called the ‘NOW Television Network’. Mark Burns is also the host and executive producer of the show, ‘Lift Every Voice Gospel’.

Burns had to deal with many controversies, especially those related to the Trump political campaign. He travelled widely with Trump while introducing him as a Presidential candidate. Many critics have blamed Burns of implanting the Lord into opinionated and narrow-minded politics. He had to continuously issue apologies and regrets to those people that were hurt by his words.

Mark Burns claimed in his Biography, that he had a bachelor degree in science and also that he was a member of the historic African American fraternity. He also claimed that he worked for six years in the US army. All those claims were disproved after CNN after checking the facts in August of 2016. He admitted later on, that he had lied at times and exaggerated about his education.

Net Worth of Pastor Mark Burns

Pastor Mark Burns is a known name in televangelism. He founded and launched the ‘NOW Television Network’ with the support and help of his wife, and presently, the estimated net worth of Pastor Mark Burns is $4.5 Million.

Mark Burns has dabbled into several professions. He might have been surrounded by several controversies but is still is a successful man. He started out as a Preacher, but the entrepreneur in him made him a successful televangelist.