Nick Hanauer Net Worth

Who is Nick Hanauer and what is his net worth 2018? Usually you see the middle class people paying taxes diligently. The poor people do not have the money to do so while the rich people do not care to do so. Under such circumstances, it is very rare to find a person belong to the richer sections of society advocating that the rich should pay more tax.

Born in 1959 in New York, Nick is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He lives in Shoreline, Washington at present.

Nick Hanauer Net Worth 2018-2019

He has varying business interests. Naturally, successful businessmen do not put all their eggs in a single basket. They need to diversify so that they are able to neutralise the losses, if any. Having such thoughts in mind, he co-founded Museum Quality Framing Company. He was also an early investor in Amazon. In fact he was on the advisory board until as recently as 2000. He has also found the company (later merged with and Avenue A Media. He was also instrumental in the forming of the Seattle based venture capital company, Second Avenue Partners.

Having earned a philosophical degree from the University of Washington, Nick ventured into business with the family-owned venture, Pacific Coast Feather Company. He continues to hold the post of the co-Chairman and CEO even today.

Nick is the co-founder of “The True Patriot Network”. This is a think-tank based on the ideas of Nick and Eric Liu. He manages the Nick and Leslie Hanauer Foundation along with his wife, Leslie. This foundation concentrates on providing public education and focuses on environmental issues. He is an active member in the Seattle community and Washington’s public education system. He has founded a lot of other non-partisan political organisations.

His comments in the op-ed Politico magazine about wealth inequality did raise a few eyebrows. The TED Talk controversy was an important event in his life. He criticised the Republican faith that the taxes on the rich should not go up as it resulted in a decrease in the jobs. Nick was of the view that neither the rich nor the business created jobs for the poor. The customer demand is the main reason for creation of jobs.

He was against the policy of the rich getting tax breaks. He opined that the median incomes for the workers should rise instead of the wealthy receiving tax breaks. These views created a controversy of sorts.

Nick Hanauer Net Worth

Nick Hanauer is a successful business entrepreneur having amassed a net worth of $1.1 billion. Most of the amount has come from the successful takeover of his company by Microsoft in 2007. Today, he is a civil rights activist espousing the causes of the middle class. He has a different outlook of life. It is tough to find such a business personality having such a frame of mind. This is one of his positive aspects.

One thing is certain. Nick is not afraid to speak his mind out on issues close to his heart.