Nick Denton Net Worth

Who is Nick Denton and what is his net worth 2018? Nick Denton is the kind of entrepreneur who has developed a habit of getting embroiled in controversies. A British national he is an internet entrepreneur, blogger and a journalist. He has been in the news for making spreading instigating and news that infringe the privacy of several celebrities. Having begun his career as a freelancer for British newspapers in the early 90s, he eventually got a permanent job at the Financial Times in the year 2002. Soon after he launched his own online news company, Gawker Media which has been on the pedestal of success since a decade.

Nick Denton or Nicholas Guido Anthony was born on 24 August,1994 in Hampstead, United Kingdom. His father, Geoffrey Denton is an economist and his mother, Marika is a Hungarian Jew who was fortunate enough to survive the Nazis and was able to escape from the Soviet occupation. Marika was a psychotherapist who died of cancer just before Nick moved to New York City. He has co-authored the book called ‘All That Glitters’ which talks about the collapse of Barings Bank.

Nick Denton Net Worth 2018-2019

He completed his education from the University of College School, Hampstead. He further did his studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University College, Oxford. Denton co-founded Moreover Technologies , a company that provides business intelligence and media monitoring company along with his UCS schoolmates Angus Bankes and David Galbraith.

Having started working in the Financial Times Denton co started a number of ventures. First Tuesday, a social networking site was co-founded by Nick. He founded Gawker Media, a blog network and online media company in October 2003. Gawker Media is the parent company of seven weblogs and has many sub-sites under them. Lifehacker, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Kotaku and Jezebel are some of the blogs that Gawker Media operates. In the year 2016, Gawker Media had to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which was a direct result of Hulk Hogan sex tape controversy lawsuit.

Nick Denton Net Worth

Denton’s Gawker Media was the prime source of his earnings. The conglomerate operated several weblogs, gadget blogs, news blogs and online social networking sites that were a hit amongst the masses. The Gawker Media and its subsidiaries were valued in hundreds of millions of dollars until it was acquired by Univision. Nick Denton’s Net Worth is $12 million, a bulk of which came from the earnings through Gawker Media. He used to be get half a million dollars annually from Gawker Media until it filed for bankruptcy and was eventually acquired by Univision.’

Denton and his ventures have been embroiled in celebrity controversies ever since 2007 when one of his editorials published a post on Peter Thief, calling him a gay. He also published a kiss-and-tell piece in Christine O’Donnell in which he alleged that she slept naked with a writer. This act was even condemned by the National Organisation for Women. The Hulk Hogan controversy was a sort of death knell for Gawker Media. Denton had published an extract from sex tape of wrestle Hogan which invited lawsuits from the wrestler.

Denton’s consistent rise on the internet news spree has been an outcome of his passion for news that invites attention. He started many news blogs and took them to new heights. Gawker Media was the main chart-buster that Denton had carved out from his career. Sadly though, the illicit controversies brought forward by him resulted in Gawker Media being sold to Univision and Denton being asked to pay millions in damages to Hulk Hogan. With Denton having been showed the doors from Gawker Media, there just might be another venture that he might be having up his sleeves!