Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2019

Who is Manny Khoshbin and what is his net worth 2019? Manny Khoshbin is an entrepreneur. He is best known for his company Khoshbin Company Inc. Manny is its president and chairman. Khoshbin is a wealthy and powerful businessman in the real estate industry.

Early Life

Manny Khoshbin was born on 14th January 1971. He had three siblings. At the age of 14, he and his family migrated from America. They had nothing with them. At that point, they were destitute, and that made Manny want to work hard to get a better life. Manny graduated from West miner High School in 1989.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

In 2011, Manny Khoshbin married Leyla Milani. God blessed the couple with a baby girl and later on a boy child. They named the daughter Priscilla and the son Enzo Pasha. Leyla is an actress, TV host, model, and entrepreneur. She has had roles in popular TV shows. They include ‘The Half Hour News Hour’, ‘Deal or No Deal’ game show and ‘The Oprah Winfrey’ show. The family looks too happy to expect a divorce anytime soon.

At the age of 16, Manny Khoshbin was working at K-Mart. He was responsible for cleaning as well as collecting the shopping carts. His job title was that of a labor clerk. At his last year of high school, at the age of 18, he started his own business. The business involved buying and then repackaging both nuts and dried fruits. The cost of permit contributed to the firm shut down. He could not afford to pay it.

Winston Tines hired him to be the assistant manager where he worked for less than a year. The good thing is that despite the short period, he had managed to save a good amount of money. With the money, she bought a mobile gas station in 1997. It was unfortunate that at one point in his life, Manny lost his entire savings. The loss was after an encounter with a loan company that was nothing but a fraud.

He has invested all his savings and had become a mobile dealer who had a Smog License. In 1992, he got his real estate company which helped him get back on the right track. He currently owns a Mortgage and Realty company. Manny has significantly invested in collaterals of the defaulted mortgage payment. Also, with bank-owned properties.

Net Worth of Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin career path was not great at the beginning. However, now he is a very successful business money. His area of focus is the real estate industry. Manny Khoshbin has a net worth of over $50 million. With his current trend, it can only become more.

Manny Khoshbin is a well renowned real estate tycoon. His way to the top has been in many ways a struggle. Because poverty was what inspired him, his family’s living standards must have been abysmal. Despite all those challenges, he eventually succeeded. Manny has written a book “How to Build your $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio from the Ground Up”. Its main point of discussion is the strategies on how to penetrate the real estate industry, build a vast and stable portfolio.