Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2018

Who is Linus Sebastian and what is his net worth 2018? Linus Sabastian is a famous Canadian entrepreneur and the CEO of the Linus Media Group. Apart from an entrepreneur, he is a genius tech reviewer and You Tuber as well. Firstly, he has earned his popularity through his online show on his You Tube channel and this popularity and success made his net worth high and impeccable. The net worth of Linus Sebastian is significant to the people as he now the founder and CEO of the Linus Media group and along with that it runs three You Tube channels related to tech-based content.

Early Life

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian by birth and was born on 20 August 1986 in Surrey, Canada. Linus has one sister named as Isabelle and has two brothers named as Asher and George. He did his graduation from Garibaldi Secondary School and enrolled his name from higher education in the University of British Columbia. During this age, he had developed a sign of interest and fascination with technology and gadgets.

Linus Sebastian Net Worth

In 2011, Linus got hitched to Yvonne Ho and together they have one son and two daughters. He often uploads videos on his personal channel ‘LinusCatTips’ and talks about his two cats Rocket and Rumble. Linus personal favourite You Tubers were RoboLax, Austin Evans, TotalBiscuit, and Marques Brownlee.


In his early career, Linus had started with the company Student Works Painting as a painter from 2004 to 2005. Sometimes later, he started working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at Maple Ridge Park and Leisure in Maple Ridge. Soon after that, he joined a computer online store named as NCIX and was working there as a category manager. He has also served in the NCIX Company as a designer, sales manager, a category manager, and a product manager as well.

In 2013, Linus founded his own company along with Brandon Lee, Luke Lafreniere, and Edzel Yago named it as ‘Linus Media Group’. This media group was compromises of these three members including Linus. The group launched their first independent channel as ‘Linus Tech Tips’. The channel gained so much of popularity and recognition that Linus was interviewed by Chris Pirillo who asked him about his future plans and endeavours.

Along with his show on his channel, he also started to work on Techquickie. Linus acclaimed series ‘Linus Tech Tips’ earned impeccable success and popularity in the history of the tech world. It made Linus gloriously famous and wealthy as well. Apart from tech videos, Linus and the group also created vlogs which used to contain the ongoing process and documented as vlogs.

In 2017, Linus and his group made a complete package on their You Tube channels and added many other series, shows, and documentation. These include Techquickie, The Linus Tech Tips, the Channel Super Fun, vlogs, build logs, product review, and web series as well. They have always updated their channel regularly without any miss. Some of his notable projects in his careers are ‘The Wan Show’, ‘Whole Room Water Cooling’, ‘Scrapyard Wars’, ‘7 Gamers 1 CPU’, ‘8/10 Gamers, 1 CPU’.

• In 2015, he held a show with the tech guru TechnoBuffalo and recorded a video on iOS vs Android debate.

• Linus’s You Tube show ‘Linus Tech Tips’ has ranked 5th most watched Science and Technology channel on You Tube.

• In Inc Magazine, Linus name was listed 4th as the ‘Top 30 Power Players in Tech’.

Net Worth of Linus Sebastian

Linus has acquired enormous profit and success from his You Tube channels shows and his web series. He has given utmost effort and dedication to his work with new ideas and techniques. After becoming the owner of the owner of ‘Linus Media Group’, he has become one of the wealthiest and richest techies of the world. The total net worth of Linus Sebastian is $2.2 million.

Linus is an ambitious man who is always expert with gadgets and technology. At an early age, he dreamt of becoming a techie and now we see him one of the popular and richest techies over the internet and also around the world.