Josh Harris Net Worth

Who is Josh Harris and what is his net worth 2018? Josh Harris is acknowledged as an internet entrepreneur globally. This celebrity stayed as originator of JupiterResearch as well as, recognised as a live audio as well as video webcasting website which was started in year 1993. It has actually filed for liquidation after the termination of the dot-com bubble during year 2000. You may be wandering to get info of net worth of Josh Harris hence read below:

He was brought up in Ventura, located in California. His father served for the Central Intelligence Agency (briefly as CIA) whereas his mother worked as a social worker. It is found that he is having three brothers as well as three sisters.

Josh Harris Net Worth 2018-2019

He did major in communications in UC San Diego and afterwards he appeared as a graduate scholar at the University of Southern California’s (briefly as USC) Annenberg School for Communication.

Josh Harris has established a technology consulting organisation named Jupiter Communications in year 1986. In year 1993, he has created Pseudo Programs, known as a live streaming TV network. Inside the Pseudo offices running in Soho, he would organise gatherings, enticing many artists who come to work mainly for Pseudo.

Apart from that, Harris possessed and run Livingston Orchards, LLC, known as a profitable apple farm inside Columbia County, located in New York from period of 2001 till 2006. Moreover, he was later serving as a CEO of the African Entertainment Network, centred inside the Sidamo area of Ethiopia., the place where he resided after abandoning from New York. Furthermore, he worked as CEO of The Wired City, known as an internet TV network centred in New York City.

Harris is the centre of a director named Ondi Timoner’s documentary movie entitled as We Live in Public, known as an entry during event of year 2009 Sundance Film Festival. This documentary was bestowed with Grand Jury Prize based award in famous US documentary classification at that festival.

Among his experiments presented in the movie is the art project entitled as “Quiet: We Live in Public,” recognised as an Orwellian, Big Brother kind of concept made during late 1990s. It actually positioned over 100 undertakes in a human terrarium below New York City, through several webcams capturing and following each move they did.

It is found that Alanna Heiss, later the director of P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center inside Queens, was positioned among persons who shifted in. It regarded as one among the greatest astonishing undertakings which he ever appeared in anywhere across world. Also, this project was enforced to close in year 2000 by direction of the New York Police Department.

On platform of Swedish TV show entitled Kobra, Harris has mentioned that actually he had been extensively swayed by year 1998 based film entitled as The Truman Show. He also firmly supposes that the technological distinctiveness would be reached as well as the human being will stop to be a person, whereas the machine turns as the latest king of the jungle.

Josh Harris Net worth

Currently the net worth of Josh Harris is $80 million. This celebrity has expended this high worth in only few years by making content intended for his live streams — transmissions that varied mainly from group DMT meetings as well as fancy-dress revels, to acts of dashing girls who are firing AK 47s as well as Eminem based free-styling intended for hip-hop based broadcast. He will afterwards define such happenings in form of an “art project” which oppressed and also emphasised the pyramid type structure of the venture entrepreneurial investment which has categorised Web 1.0’s success as well as bust.

Few people regard Josh Harris as philosopher of interconnected futures, known as one of the greatest significant people ever in history of the Internet. Many other people consider him as the “kook” and the one who claimed to have featured a “fake girlfriend” in one experiment which perceived their lives broadcast through online medium round the clock right from a New York strike.