Johnny Dang Net Worth

Who is Johnny Dang and what is his net worth 2018? Johnny Dang, also known as ‘Jeweler to the Stars’ is well known for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the era. Other than entrepreneurship, he is also known for jewellery designing. He is best known for the watches that he designs with the beauty and delicate jewels carved on them.

The entrepreneur is very popular on social media as well with 390,000 followers on Instagram and 40k+ followers on Twitter. He has maintained 4.8 out of 5 rating on his Facebook page.

Johnny Dang Net Worth

Born on 21st November 1974, to Vietnamese and American parents, the entrepreneur grew up in a small village in Vietnam. Not much of his childhood struggle is known. He moved to Houston for education and he studied English at Houston Community Center.

As mentioned, the upbringing of the “Star Jeweler” is not known though it is rumoured that he is married and has a daughter. Also he has 4 brothers to him.

Johnny Dang, started his career as watch repairing technician and lead a struggled life in Houston flea market. After a while, with his only and wholesome investment, he opened a shop in Sharps town mall Houston. With gaining popularity with his designer watches, he opened up his 2nd branch also in the same mall. The designs he offered to the consumers both his stores flooded with people making other jewellery stores like Zales to have their shutters down.

From a given day, the stores were even flooded with out of town people and celebrities. From then on there was no looking back for him and went up to earn the title of “Jeweler to the Stars”.

The entrepreneur is popular for supplying jewellery to the renounced hip-hop stars of the time. Johnny Dang was at his peak when the Grammy-winning duo Neal and Paul Wall came up with the song “Grillz” which spread and elaborated the message on how the entertainment industry is being influenced by his jewellery. Due to this song, Johnny’s encrusted diamond mouthpiece “Grillz” was being worn by Paris Hilton, Kanye West, and many more celebrities.

This was considered as the biggest achievement in his life till date. Later on, he is also seen in a TV series ‘The Johnny and Paul Wall show’ which is being viewed on television as well as internet.

Johnny Dang Net Worth

Being an entrepreneur and jewellery designer, he has amassed a huge fan following base. With great zeal and passion to his work, Johnny has reached a net estimation of $22 million.

From being a village boy to a successful being, he is an inspiration to the younger generation. He preached on the philosophy of life might be full of struggles but if you follow your passion it would do wonders and help you be successful in life.