John Paul Dejoria Net Worth

Who is John Paul Dejoria and what is his net worth 2018? A self-made man is always an inspiration to millions of people around the world. Does this self-made personality have a net worth in millions? Or more? John Paul Dejoria: an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Every self-made personality comes from very, very humble beginnings. John Paul Dejoria was born on April 13, 1944 to immigrant parents; his father being Italian and his mother being Greek.

A spat arose between his parents and by the time he turned two, it was official; they were divorced. Conventionally speaking, kids who grow up in Los Angeles, California live a comfortable, hyped up life, some even have the luxury or curse of being spoilt. When John turned nine, he and his brother began selling Christmas cards as a means to earn some additional income to run the household. No doubt; they were living in hardship due to their financial crisis.

John Paul Dejoria Net Worth 2018-2019

Soon after, things got worse and their mother put them into a foster home in Los Angeles. John ended up joining a gang but on being counselled by one of his teachers in school, he left it on friendly terms. Despite all this hardship, John attended school and graduated from high school in the year 1962.

John Marshall High School was the name of the school. Even in adulthood, his life was tangled in tragedy. His first wife; ransacked him of the little money and possessions that he had and ran away, leaving him homeless to fend for himself and their young son who just two-years old then.

However, when success comes, it brings together a number of other things. Today, John is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell and the Patron Spirits Company. He is married happily to his wife Eloise and together, they take care of four children, three being birthed by Eloise.

Growing up in hardship, John is empathic towards the struggles of society and despite his success, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He spends a lot of money on philanthropic activities. Some of his most notable contributions have been to Food4Africa.

Naturally, John didn’t become successful overnight. Even in his professional career, he had to cross many adversities before reaching where he is today. His first job was with the US Navy; which he held for two years. After his stint with the Navy, he took up a number of menial jobs. His first experience with the hair care world came with Redken Laboratories where he worked as an employee.

Subsequently, he was fired as his ideas for the company were rebuked by the top management. Not getting dissuaded by this hindrance, he met up with popular hair dresser Paul Mitchell and co-founded the Paul Mitchell Systems with the help of a $700 loan that he secured. This was in the year 1980. In the year 1989, he founded the Patron Spirits Company.

These two companies have a personal connection to John. But as the companies grew, so did his fame and fortune. Today, apart from these two companies he owns multiple different companies in diverse segments from pet care to oil; he has a presence everywhere. A smart-business man indeed, he is.

Surprisingly, one can say that John is an actor too. Some of his famous cameo appearances on TV and theatre are in: You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and Shark Tank.

John Paul Dejoria Net Worth

From being a homeless man at the age of 22, today, at the age 73 John is a billionaire. His net worth is $3.1 billion and this after all the charity that he does. His net worth is a reflection of his stake in various industries which, cumulatively would amount up to more than 20 business ventures.

In all honesty, the world needs more people like John. Not only is he an inspiration, he is an example. Being rich is one thing, being empathic is another. The latter trait generally hard to find in the wealthy. Perhaps, he along with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and a few others are the few who know the true weight of societal contributions.