James Jebbia Net Worth 2019

Who is James Jebbia and what is his net worth 2019? James Jebbia is the founder of Supreme brand of skating clothing. He established his first garment shop in 1989 in Union, NYC. In 1991, he met his fellow Shawn Stussy, the founder of Stussy`s and the two collaborated and commenced a new shop in New York`s Soho. From this collaboration, James Jebbia earned an experience that geared him to establish the “Supreme” in 1994. Jebbia is well known for maintaining a low profile, a number one factor that attracts most of his customers to be loyal to his brand.

Early Life

James Jebbia was born in the United States but he grew up in Sussex, England until he attained the age of 19. As a teenager, he learned the effective means of running the retail industry when he was working at a clothing retail shop called Parachute Soho, in NYC founded by Cruz, Eddie. He was also an actor in his childhood where he played Thomas Watson on the BBC Series, “Grange Hill.” Jebbia lives at Greenwich Village, NYC which he shares with his wife Bianca and their two children Miles and Nina.

James Jebbia Net Worth 2018-2019


James Jebbia founded Supreme clothing business in 1994. It cost him $12,000 to establish the business in a small storefront located at Lafayette Street in NYC. Prior to this, he worked with Sean Stussy with whom they had formed a partnership only for Stussy to leave the business later on upon which Jebbia opened Supreme. Street and skating wear was his line of interest right from the word go.

Later on, Jebbia opened a new store in Los Angeles which turned out to be double the size of the initial business. This new branch dealt with skate boards in addition to skating wear. Supreme borrowed the art of designing skate boards from various artists such as Larry Clark, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince among others. These skate boards were then arrayed as modern art. Supreme business operated effectively and spread other branches to different parts of the world including Tokyo, London, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Supreme`s products are tailor made to meet the need of skaters who are very precise in the specific taste of skate wear. The business is also known to apply strategic advertisements such as playing hard to get hence gets to maximise its sales.

Net Worth of James Jebbia

James Jebbia has experience a major growth in his Supreme business. He is well known for welcoming fashion`s embrace of skate culture. The business makes skate wears that really ignite people`s interest by making different fashions and moving with the current trends. James Jebbia owes his fortune to the progressive success his business has achieved over the years. He has an estimated net worth of $43 million.

James Jebbia is motivated take the growth of his business to higher levels than it is apparently. He has no plan of assimilating the business but he actually want to do something unique and extra ordinary that will challenge the younger generation to cultivate their innovations and make sure his customers get optimal satisfaction by purchasing his brand.