David Chang Net Worth

Who is David Chang and what is his net worth 2018? David Chang is American- Korean. He is an author, restaurateur and television personality. He is best known for establishing Momofuku restaurant group. It consists of several restaurants.

David Chang was born in on 5th April 1977. His birthplace was Vienna, Virginia, US that is where he also grew up. Chang had three siblings consisting of two older brothers and a sister. He attended George Prep and later joined Trinity College. In college, his major was religious studies. While he was young, he participated in junior tournaments of golf. His father had migrated from South Korea and moved to America. He owned an oil company. He also owned restaurants.

David Chang Net Worth

David Chang is very secretive when it comes to personal and relationship life. Looking at the age of Chang, the chances are high that he his married. However, no one knows if that’s true and if he has kids.

Graduating sent Chang into a job hunting mission.At some point, he was teaching English in Japan. He also held finance positions in New York too. In 2002, he decided to study at French culinary institute (FCI). Currently, it is referred to as international culinary center. It is situated in New York City.

He had various activities for a single day. Chang would have to attend school, find time to work at Merce kitchen as a part-time and also get the time to answer phones at craft restaurant owned by Tom Colicchio. Two years later, he left America for Japan. In Japan, Chang worked at a small soba shop. Then, he started working in Park Hyatt Hotel. David then decided to go back to America.

On return, he began working at Cafe Boulud. In 2004, Chang opened his first restaurant. It was set up in the East Village, and he named it Momofuku noodle bar. He went ahead and opened another one in August 2006. It was named Momofuku seam bar. Momofuku Ko was opened next in March 2008.

That same year, he expanded Momofuku Ssam Bar, and the extra space was given the name Momofuku Milk Bar. In Manhattan, Chang opened Ma Peche in may 2010. He thought of expanding his territory and went ahead to open Momofuku Seiobo on October 2011 in Sydney, Australia. It was his first restaurant to be opened outside the USA. The next year, 2012, he opened Momofuku Toronto.

It constitutes Noodle Bar, Bar Nikai, and Daisho. In June 2015, he launched Fuku. Ando was opened the following year. Chang has considered clinching the west coast market. A restaurant is expected to be opened in Los Angeles before the end of 2017. He has appeared in various television shows too.

David Chang Net Worth

The career path of David Chang as a restaurateur has been a success. Through his rapidly expanding business, he has made enough money. David Chang has an estimated net worth of $55 million.

Chris Farley is an employee turn employer. From having to juggle several jobs and studies to a founder of a company with hundreds of workers. He is the founder of Momofuku restaurant group. It started in the united states, Australia, and Toronto. Each state has various branches.