Cassey Ho Net Worth

Who is Cassey Ho? What is net worth of Cassey Ho? Nobody would have ever thought of a young girl who was running a bakery with her mother for income and utterly hated chocolate (a rare in women) would become such a huge fitness trainer who now inspires and motivates others to stay fit and healthy. This rare woman is Cassey Ho, popular YouTuber and certified fitness expert.

Cassey was born in Los, Angeles in California to Bach Ho and Cuu Ho but she was raised in Bay area of San Francisco. Cassey completed her schooling from James Logan High School where she won beauty pageant Miss Teen Chinatown also. Cassey was very much intellectual and wanted to be a doctor graduating from Whittier College with B.S Degree in Biology. Her fitness interest grew when her colleagues started teasing her because of her chubbiness. At the very tender age of 16 years, Cassey introduced herself to Pilates. Cassey dreamt of becoming a fashion designer and it got successful where she came up with her own clothing line BodyPop.

Cassey Ho Net Worth 2017-2018

Cassey’s family has been very supportive of her. It took time for them to understand her social fitness business but when Cassey needed their help in managing it, they came on board instantly. Cassey’s mother helps Cassey in Shipment while her father takes care of logistics and operations.

Career: Cassey started as a fashion buyer but was not content with her job. Eventually she left her job after 9 months and began teaching Pilates. The main reason for teaching Pilates was to cover up her expense on Food and rent. She took classes 12 times in 7 days and got enough time to upload her workout videos as well. Her first fitness video was uploaded on YouTube in the year 2009.

She became famous because of her workout videos and now she has more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Even when digital newspapers came into market, her workout videos were showcased in it. Cassey was recognised with Best Health Blog in 2012. Her Vblog and YouTube channel formed with no such aim of earning so high has now made her earn in millions.

Cassey Ho Net Worth

The Fitness expert, Cassey Ho has estimated net worth of $3 Million US dollars as of 2017. Cassey’s major income/earnings have been from her You Tube Channel “Blogilates”. Her incomes come from the online advertisement also. Cassey have her own range of bags named oGorgeous bags which has now bloomed into online shopping store for gym products. She also earns part of income from her clothing line called BodyPop and PopFlex. It is estimated that her average annual salary comes to $4,50,000.

Cassey Ho Assets

Cassey is not fascinated by luxurious homes or cars. In fact for her, her favourite and valuable things are her Yoga Mat which values around $10. It is her primary space to be fit and she cannot do without it. She carries a mat everywhere. The next on her favourite list is her yoga Bag and her Nike Shoes. Cassey currently resides in Union City in California.

Cassey Ho business Model

Cassey Ho started with uploading her videos on YouTube channel. Gradually seeing with the great response, she started a fitness blog. Her designed bags got featured in Shape magazine in 2010 which contributed much to her success. Her Channel is considered as the top fitness channel on YouTube which has around 70,000 views in a day.

Cassey wrote a book named “Cassey Ho’s Hot Body year round: The Pop Pilates plan to get slim, Eat Clean and Live happy through every season” which was published in year 2015. Cassey Ho had her own fitness DVD launched in 2014 named “POP Pilates: Total Body Workout”. Her greatest achievement was Forbes interviewing her as the Biggest You Tube star being a woman. Her YOLO meal (You Only Live Once) focused on Cheap, clean eats, was a huge hit among her fans. Her Clothing Line too got great response and now she focuses on both works, as fitness instructor and clothing line.

In 2015, Cassey made a YouTube Video named, The Perfect Body, which was directed to all people who body shammed her. By the video she wanted to enlighten the positive body acceptance around everybody and there is nothing called as Perfect Body which exists. Cassey Ho ‘s Body POP had unfortunately been discontinued but Cassey came up with a new clothing Line terming it to be elegant, beautiful and romantic called, Popflex in 2016.

The very same year she came out in open to talk about her eating disorder she faced while getting in shape for bikini competition in 2012. Also with the start of New Year, Cassey Ho is back with her Monthly Calendar of diet plans and work out. She posts new challenges every time and keeps her fit followers more engaged towards it.

The journey of chubby girl to a successful Fitness instructor must not be easy but Cassey Ho achieved this in real short span of time. With her First video up in 2009, its 2017 and she is the one female who is ruling You Tube with all her fitness mantras. She strives to keep people healthy and believe in getting train like an insane.