Alejandro Salomon Net Worth 2018

Who is Alejandro Salomon and what is his net worth 2018? Alejandro Salomon is also known as Salomondrin is a personality that people love and like to follow. People want to be like him and achieve as much as he has achieved in his life. Alejandro has the largest house in Mexico. He owns the most expensive cars in the world. His channel is gaining the limelight very fast.

Early Life

Alejandro Salomon or known by the name Salomondrin by his fans was born on December 7, 1984 in Mexico City, Mexico. Alejandro is an amazing entrepreneur, car collector; you tube personality and a real estate investor from Mexico. Alejandro is the founder of Salomon Investment partners. Alejandro has achieved a lot in his life and is known for his amazing technical skills to improve the business. Alejandro’s business has increased a lot because of his endowment.

Alejandro Salomon Net Worth

Alejandro got married to Belen Salomon on March 20, 2015. His wife is a designer and was born and brought up in Southern Spain. Belen has a hobby of fishing. Alejandro has two dogs; Zoey and Bella.


Alejandro Salomon came to limelight after the launch of his YouTube channel. Alejandro owns the largest and the most luxurious cars in Mexico. Alejandro became famous after he started his YouTube channel under the name Solomondrin. On this channel this young personality shares videos about his personal life. Alejandro possesses some of the most luxurious and expensive cars. Alejandro’s real estate projects are managed with the help of the clients of the Salomon Investments. Alejandro has invested in numerous other companies like; Technology, dairy industry and entertainment industry.

Alejandro is passionate about expensive cars as it reflects from the videos he shares. His channel has around 500000 subscribers and 96 million views. The channel receives around 50000 views on his every video. The cars that this you tube star owns include Acid green Porsche, Rolls Royce ghost, Viper and many others. Alejandro has achieved what every person from this generation wants to achieve. Alejandro has a lot of passion for movies that lead him to the formation of Helios Production. Alejandro manages the development and the production of the projects related to the company. Alejandro Salomon is an idol for many people and people are motivated by him.

Solomondrin is a familiar name. People love and like his videos. He is also an inspiring character for many people.

Net Worth of Alejandro Salomon

The estimated net worth of this prominent you tube personality is around $28 million. His profession as an entrepreneur and his YouTube channel add up to his net worth. Alejandro has around 500000 subscribers to his YouTube channel that was started under the name Salomondrin. The channel receives 50000 views for every video and he earns $500000 annually just from his YouTube channel.

Alejandro Salomon is an amazing and a prominent personality. He is known for his YouTube svideos. He earns a lot of money by his videos. He shoots videos about his personal life and about his posh and expensive cars. Alejandro is an inspiration for many people. He has achieved a lot in a young age. Alejandro is an inspiration to many people and people want to be like him.