Aaron Marino Net Worth 2018

Who is Aaron Marino and what is his net worth 2018? Aaron Marino is an Entrepreneur and YouTuber. He is a fitness, lifestyle, grooming and style expert of Men. He is a well known personality of America. He is also famous by his name alpha m. In 2006, he founded Alpha M Image consulting. He also started his clothing line of M. Apparel. He is an expert in Lifestyle. He made his name with the, I Am Alpha M brand. He also released his own e-book, The Male Style Guide. He has a YouTube Channel of Style and Grooming. He has around 3 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Early Life

Aaron Marino was born on 19th May 1976 in the United States. He is also known by his name alpha m. He is an American by nationality. He has a good height of 5 feet and 6 inches. He completed his education from the West Virginia University. He is now living in Atlanta, Georgia. From his childhood he loves style. He used the chains of the jeans and tie it up. He gave different hair cutting advices to his friends.

Aaron Marino Net Worth

When he grew up he started his fitness centre. It last for 6 years. At the age of 7, he started cutting his hair. He belongs to a poor family and didn’t have enough money to pay for the school fee. So he started cutting the hair of neighbours kids. He got $5 for cutting 15 haircuts. He used this money in paying school fees.


He began his career in 2006 as a nutrition store with one of his friend. He left the store because there his partner was selling drugs. After completing his graduation, he moves to Atlanta and there started working in a fitness centre as a personal trainer. He is also interesting in grooming and styles. He mostly helped men’s in their styles at the fitness centre.

He started Pete and Pedro Company for men. The company manufactures hairstyling products. The idea of hairstyle products comes in his mind while he was styling his hair. He got tired of using hundreds of hairstyle products. One of his friend is a hairstylist who advice him to go to the lab.

There he started developing the formula. It took 6 months to develop his own and unique product. He has developed the hairstyle products for men. It is a very good product for those who really care about their image and care for themselves. He started his YouTube channel Alpha M in 2008. He got so many followers from his YouTube channel.

He didn’t get so much success from his YouTube channel. He got less than 100 subscribers in a day. He worked very hard in order to get right and more audience. He tried every way to get more subscribers. He created 5 videos in a week. He started posting 3 videos on Monday, Tuesday and on Saturday and finally got success. He also posted 2 videos on his website on Tuesday and Thursday.

His work was seen by the Barbara Corcoran. He is the investor in the real-estate guru and Shark Tank. He offered Marino 10 percent of his social media business. This offer was accepted by the Marino. He accepted this offer because he wanted help for his Pete and Pedro. But he didn’t getting benefit. So, he left the Shark Tank. This proved to be beneficial for him. This made him more authentic. He has made more than 3000 videos. Currently, he launched his new company of skin care Tiege Hanley.

In 2007, he got married to Tracey Woodard. We didn’t find any other information regarding his personal life on social media.

Net Worth of Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. He got such a huge worth from his career. His company Alpha M is the main reason behind his net worth. He also has his fitness centre but he sold it. His YouTube channel has around 3 million subscribers and he is getting 4 thousand subscribers daily. His channel is getting around 50 lakhs views daily. It means his daily income from his YouTube channel is $800. He is also having its business of selling hair products Pete & Pedro. He also has his clothing line M. Apparel. All these are the reasons behind his huge worth.

Aaron Marino is a very hard working person. He has achieved huge success in his life. He has nothing, when he started. He helped millions of men in the world in their style and maintenance.