Steve Tisch Net Worth

Steve Tisch or Steven Elliot Tisch is an academy award filmmaker and businessmen. He was born in a rich family which is the owner of New York Giants. He is an academy award winner and also a Superbowl winner. He started working as a filmmaker at a very young age and now he is very successful in the field. Some of his famous produced movies are Forrest Gump, Soulman, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Steve was born to Joan Tisch and Preston Robert Tisch. His father was a television executive and also worked as a United States Postmaster General. He was born in Lakewood Township, New Jersey on 14th February 1949. He attended Tufts University where he started filmmaking.

Steve Tisch Net Worth 2017-2018

Then He worked with Columbia Pictures and his first feature film was Outlaw Blues. He started his own company to produce movies. He produced a lot of successful movies which won many awards which includes an academy award as well. He also owns a sports team New York Giants which won Superbowl in the year 2011 and valued as the fourth most valuable team in the NFL.

Steve started working with Columbia pictures after completing graduation in filmmaking. His first project was Outlaw Blues and after that, he produced Risky business which featured Tom Cruise and made him a star. After that, he opened his own company named ‘Steve Tisch Company’ and started producing many movies.

He is a partner with Escape Artists which is a film production company which is based at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He also produced several television shows such as ‘The burning bed’ and ‘something so right’. He has also produced ‘The pursuit of happiness’ which featured Will Smith and is considered as one of the best motivational movies ever released till date.

Currently, he is a Chairman and Vice president of Network Giants which is owned by his family from past 30 years. He has produced movies like Risky Business, Soulman, Heart Condition, The Postman, The Pursuit of Happyness, Forrest Gump and Bad Influence in his successful career.

Steve has been married twice. After divorcing his first wife, Steve married to Jamie Alexander in 1996. Steve and Jamie have 3 children together of which 1 is a girl and other 2 are boys. The couple divorced later.

Steve won an academy award for his movie Forrest Gump in Best motion picture category. His TV show ‘The burning bed’ got 11 Emmy nominations. He also won Golden Globe award for Forrest Gump. In 2007, Tufts University awarded him P.T. Barnum Award for his work in entertainment industry. His team Newyork Giants also won a Superbowl in NFL.

How much is Steve Tisch Net Worth in 2017

Steve Tisch has an estimated net worth of $1.3 Billion US dollars as of 2017. He earned most of his income from movie production. He also owns a company and a soccer team which is ranked as the fourth most valuable NFL team in 2011.

Steve Tisch is a famous movie producer and a businessman who won an academy award and a Superbowl. He is someone who believes in philanthropy. He started producing movies at a very young age.