Stedman Graham Net Worth

Who is Stedman Graham and what is his net worth 2018? Stedman is a man of many great qualities and a very noble character. I am sure that is what attracted Oprah Winfrey, and it is what has sustained them over the years. Stedman has numerous titles, and he wears all these titles excellently and gracefully. As a man that many people look up to, he has done well not to let people down.

Stedman Graham Jr. is a well-known business man, a great speaker, an author, and an American educator. He was born in the year 1951 the month of March. At 66, he has accomplished most of his dreams, and he has grown his empire to a place where no one can discredit him on any basis. His mother was called Mary Jacobs Graham, and his father was called Stedman Graham Sr. Stedman Jr. is a well-educated man. He attained his first degree from the University of Hardin-Simmons in 1974 where he majored in social work. His master’s degree in education was acquired from Ball State University in 1979.

Stedman Graham Net Worth

Stedman first established himself as a public relations officer at B & C Associates where he had encounters with many prominent people like Maya Angelou the late and the late Winnie Mandela who was a South African activist at that time. In the year 1985, he founded the Athletes Against Drugs which is currently known as Chicago Illinois’s AAD. This is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support the youth and awards them with scholarships to study and has a future.

A total of over $1.5 million has been used to give scholarships to youths, and there are also programs that are organised where top athletes come and educate the youths on abuse of drugs. Steadman is also the founder of S Graham & Associates which is a firm that offers consultations as well as corporate and educational marketing services.

As a speaker, Graham has been able to hold events and speak to youths in schools, both public and private. His point of focus is always on identity and self-awareness which is a major problem with many youths. If everyone would know who they are and tap into their abilities, the youths will be a great help to the society.

There are many books that he has also written, and they are majorly self-help books and business oriented books. The best being: You Can Make It Happen Every day, Who Are You, and Identity: Your Passport to Success. All these books have had great sales because they are meaningful, relevant, and applicable.

Stedman Graham Net Worth

When it comes to his net worth, then Stedman Graham is worth $11 million. A price that has made him do so much more for the society. This net worth comes from his businesses, the sales that he makes from his books, and others. So far he is doing great, and we are proud of him for all the good works he is doing in the society.

As a business man, and every other title he holds, Stedman Graham has dedicated himself to change and impact lives. This has a noble character that every man and woman needs to have. It is fulfilling, to say the least.