Scott Boras Net Worth

Boras may not have played any major league, but he is the man who helped numerous players to secure a place in major league. Scott Dean Boras is definitely one of the most powerful American sports agent of all the times. His area of interest is baseball; he is the founder, owner and president of Boras Corporation. Furthermore , he is Doctorate in Pharmacy owned a Law degree as well. This Newport Beach based sports agency, at the moment, epitomizes approximately 175 professional baseball clients, together with many of game’s highest-profile players.

Boras is enjoying his status as one of the most successful sport agent of all the time with many record- setting contracts. Owing to such remarkable success, Scott has made a swift entry in the list of “Most Powerful Sports Agent” by Forbes Magazine. Currently, he is contracted Alex Rodriguez with NEW York Yankees, valued at 10 years for $275 million. Isn’t a huge sum? With such high-valued contracts Scotts makes us curious about his net worth. So, how much is Scott’s Boras’s net worth? Let’s find out. Firstly, know him a little better.

Scott Boras Net Worth 2017-2018

Boras was born on November 2, 1952 in Sacramento and raised up in Elk Grove, California. His family owned a dairy farm. He had a fetish for baseball since childhood. While attending University of the Pacific, in 1972, he led the baseball team of university with a .312 batting average.

In 1995, “Most Improved Player” award and Pacific Athletics Hall of Fame made an honor to him. Apart from baseball, Boras has earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific and holds a law degree from the university’s MCGeorge School of Law in 1989.

Scott met his lady love, Jeanette Boras in 1982 at John Wayne Airport. It was the love at first sight. Later, the couple got married and together they have three children named Trent Boras, Shane Boras and Natalie Boras.

Boras started his career as a player, but due to knee problem, he took unwanted retirement. Later, he worked as an associate with Rooks, Pitts & Poust. In 1980, he decided to re-enter in the world of baseball but in a different role, this time, he start as an agent. He holds the credit to reach a deal which is known as one of the largest contracts in the history of baseball for Caudil($7.5 million).

It was the beginning of a legend. Subsequently, Boras Corporation took birth. The corporation and the man behind it are known for record- setting contracts such as $50 million (Greg Maddux) for five years, $100 million (Kevin Brown) seven years, and the most recent one is of Alex Rodriguez’s contract with the New York Yankees at a whooping sum of $275 million for 10 years.

This deal has been a talk in town for quite a while. Not only this, he has numerous deals under his signature to boast around. His clients, till date, has broke several draft records including Stephen Strasburgs’ contract of $15 million which is considered as the largest contract in draft history.

Boras has been a representative of each year’s amateur draft and has provided his support to increase their remuneration. This is known for his high –prized contacts alongside his rude and harsh behavior. With a 31-year long and victorious career as sport agents, hundreds of players on all major league teams, and high-prized deal, Boras is considered as one of the high-profiled negotiator.

Scott Boras has rewarded as the “Most Powerful Sport Agent of all the Times” by Forbes Magazine.

How Much is Scott Boras Net Worth in 2017

Scott Boras, as of 2017, has an estimated net worth of $185 million US dollars thanks to his high-prized contracts and an extensive list of clients.

Scott Boras has cemented his feet in this arena. Today, every player wants him to negotiate for him. His unmatched negotiating skills which helped his client to grab the best deal are what him makes most desirable. He is both, feared and respected by every individual linked to the sport.