Sam Altman Net Worth 2019

Who is Sam Altman and what is his net worth 2019? Sam Altman is acknowledged as an American based businessperson, programmer, as well as a blogger. He is recognised as a president of Y Combinator as well as known as a co-chairman of OpenAI. Net worth of Sam Altmanis high in millions, get further details here:

Early Life

Altman was brought up in St. Louis, located in Missouri, the place where he attained his first computer during early age of 8. It is known that he was brought up as Jewish. He appeared in a high school and gained education in computer science at prestigious university i.e. Stanford till leaving it in year 2005. He also attained honorary degree in year 2017.

Sam Altman Net Worth


In year 2005, when Altman was of age 19, he co-founded as well as became a CEO of Loopt, known as a location-depended social networking type mobile application. This app was closed in year 2012 after being unsuccessful to attain traction and was attained by Green Dot Corporation.

In year 2014, he was nominated as a president of Y Combinator, whose leading batch of investments encompassed Loopt. In year 2014 based blog post, Altman stated that the overall estimate of Y Combinator firms had exceeded $65 billion, comprising famous firms such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Zenefits and Stripe.

In year 2015, he declared YC Continuity, known as a $700 million based growth-stage type equity fund which makes investments in YC companies. In that same year, he proclaimed Y Combinator Research, recognized as a non-profit type research lab, and funded $10 million towards the group. YC Research has so far proclaimed research on elementary income, the prospect of education, computing, as well as making new cities.

It is found that Altman was entitled as top investor for under 30 by Forbes during year 2015, one among the “Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology” as per BusinessWeek in year 2008 and registered as one among the five greatest interesting start-up creators during year 1979 as well as 2009 by his associate named Paul Graham.

Moreover, he is known as a personal investor in various companies, like Stripe, Airbnb, Asana, Reddit, Teespring, Pinterest, FarmLogs, Zenefits, Instacart, Shoptiques, Optimizely, Verbling, Vicarious, Soylent, Notable PDF, Clever, and It is found that he and Elon Musk are known as co-chairmen of OpenAI.

This is essentially a non-profit based organisation with goal to enhance digital intelligence in a manner which is most probable to advantage humanity entirely, unimpeded by a requirement to produce financial return. He also occasionally uploads to his blog, mainly regarding startups as well as technology. Besides, he too had written Startup Playbook, known as a concentration of advice which Y Combinator provides to its start-ups.

Net Worth of Sam Altman

Presently net worth of Sam Altman is assessed to be more than $12 million. By being a president of Y Combinator as well as working as a co-chairman of OpenAI assisted to amass this high net worth. Also he earned well by being a CEO of Reddit for span of eight days in year 2014 after a CEO named Yishan Wong took resignation. In form of his investment, he established a novel way for a community to possess share of the company. It is revealed that he proclaimed the return of Steve Huffman in form of CEO in year 2015.

Working as a president of Y Combinator gave Sam Altman major acclaim throughout his career. Apart from being an avid businessman, he is too a passionate blogger as he frequently uploads on his blogs.