Sal Khan Net Worth 2019

Who is Sal Khan and what is his net worth 2019? Sal Khan, a son of two immigrants; schooled in Louisiana until his tertiary level where he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics electrical engineering and computer science and masters of the same, Khan started off as an intern at PARC and later worked as a financial analyst for connective Capital Management.

Nicknamed Sal (the salmon) Khan was a class president during his senior year. His passion later drove him to pursue masters in business administration. Though with a quiet life, khan is happily married to one wife and they stay with their children in Mountain View, California, US.

Sal Khan Net Worth

Net Worth f Sal Khan

Sal Khan has an estimated net worth of $220 million. Known as an education revolutionary, he admits to converting somebody’s suggestion to an idea. He was remotely tutoring his cousin Nadia when the person commended him and suggested he films it for a larger audience. It was the incessant requests from more relatives that made him to actually give the suggestion a deeper thought.

He embraced it and the rest was history. Whether it was his concern on helping students grab his simple most enjoyable subject or that the idea over ridden his love for money, this act of his kindness or rather generosity to share what he knew later made him a big person riding in the classes of other famous entrepreneurs.

The idea actually birthed Khan Academy whose mission is to provide a world-class education to anyone for FREE. If that made you think he is mad, wait until u find out that he actually quit his paying job to engage in this free mission; crazy right? Yeah, it was actually his hard work that saw Khan Academy touch lives and raised donations for this organisation. Khan Academy then widened its horizons to be of use to both individuals and teachers in need of complementary material.

Today, the academy has received support from Bill and Melinda gates, Google, Ann Doerr and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Even though khan gets a million positive reviews about what the academy has done to students, he is quick to give emphasis to the significance of formal classroom instruction and professional certification. He says his online tools and tutorials should only be an addition.

Since his academy went viral, with over 6 million monthly regular viewers, khan has received several recognition among them:

• Receiving Microsoft tech award of the year (2009)
• Being featured on the Colbert report, CNN(2011)
• Invitation to speak at TED (2011)
• He appeared in Stanford graduate school of business (2012)
• Has featured in various media print and visual media
• Had several interviews with iconic reporters and journalists

Now what you do not know about Sal khan is that he is an introvert. In the initial stages of his ascension to greatness, he evaded media at all costs. Even when it became necessary to speak to them, he only limited his conversation to strictly work. He is a jovial person with a golden heart but still, would let only a shy smile. You can barely see his pre molars! Talking of the photos, his life is very private.

None of them has his family. Not even his stunning wife. He stands out in his one type of sweater that comes at least in 4 types of ‘cool’ colors all the time with his arms busy around his chest. I guess you now have a reason why his classmates had to nickname him salmon. You can describe him in a thousand ways but manage to only utter two words that you confidently know. He leaves a lot for you to guess.

Coupled with the fact that he developed extraordinary software that saved the weighty sinking science subjects in the world, is prove that is actually an introvert. I mean, look at all inventions, almost all of them are geniuses who loved to the affairs of their brains through their hands.

And now to the most anticipated question, how much is he worth? Before you pour your ignorant, jealous, judgments, get to know that for a small nonprofit organisation, the CEO is paid up to 15% of its income. So if his salary is good, then it’s due to his excellent fundraising abilities and fortunate donations here and there; having said that, his salary is estimated to be around $600,000 according to Forbes. He deserves it. He is doing it for free anyway!