Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2019

Who is Robert Kiyosaki and what is his net worth 2019? Robert Kiyosaki is a renowned American based businessman and author. This celebrity stayed as the founder of Rich Dad Company, which is essentially a private based financial education firm. Get details of net worth of Robert Kiyosaki by reading below:

Early Life

Kiyosaki was born and brought up in Hilo, located in Hawaii. Recognised as a fourth generation Japanese-American celebrity, he is recognised as the oldest son of Ralph, worked as an educator and academic and Marjorie, recognised as a registered nurse. He received education in high school and completed graduation in year 1965. Moreover, Kiyosaki also obtained congressional based nominations for U.S. Naval Academy as well as the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy from Senator Daniel K. Inouye.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Kiyosaki elected to study at university in New York and he completed graduation in year 1969 in position of a deck officer. In this, he attained Bachelors of Science degree as well as a commission in designation of a 2nd LT. Later, Kiyosaki appeared in a MBA program in 1973 for two years. In year 1977, he founded a company named “Rippers” and it conveyed to market the leading nylon as well as velcro based surfer wallets. Moreover, in year 1997, he started Cashflow Technologies, Inc., which is essentially a business as well as financial education firm that runs the Cashflow and Rich Dad brands.


In his career, Kiyosaki runs many external based business ventures as well as investments. Several are focused in the information technology field, retail, publishing, education, energy, and financial market, mining, and real estate fields. Kiyosaki claims that he earns 2 million USD in terms of cash flow every month which is tax free from every of his businesses as well as investments. Moreover, Kiyosaki is engaged with the apartment business as well as possesses more than 1400 sections of apartment homes.

He has been engaged with marketable real estate field like capitalising in warehouses, Triple net lease as well as real estate development projects across US. Throughout the subprime debt catastrophe in 2000s, Kiyosaki capitalised greatly having possessed around 40% of his year 2015 portfolio of distraught assets throughout the downturn. In year 2008, he acquired a 300 unit, of worth $17 million apartment in Tulsa, located in Oklahoma.

This businessman’s financial as well as business preaching emphasis more on what he names as “financial education” producing passive based income. This is focused on business and investment prospects, like businesses, real estate investments, commodities and stocks, with the goal of being capable to aid individual by investments only and therefore attaining actual financial independence. This is accomplished without functioning for a pay check by a conventional based salaried job.

Kiyosaki got married to Kim Kiyosaki and since year 1994, the businessman has stayed in Phoenix, located in Arizona. It is known that he sanctioned and aided Republican candidate named Donald Trump for year 2016 Presidential elections.

Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is globally recognised as an American based businessman, investor, author, motivational speaker, as well as a financial commentator with net worth of $90 million. Till now, he has written over 20 books, adding to his wealth. One of his books, entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad has alone sold more than 26 million copies. Moreover, he has had three different books that peaked #1 on top 10 lists of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, as well as New York times concurrently.

In year 2011, he made investment in one 2000 unit based apartment building project and grossed around $250,000 in monthly based cash flow. In year 2015, Kiyosaki refinanced money of $300 million mortgage at rate of 2.5 percent on one among his apartment investments. Last year, he mentioned that he regulates more than 10,000 apartment units yielding more than one million dollars in terms of cash flow each month.

Robert Kiyosaki managed well in terms of investment of his properties and came out as a renowned businessman.