Richard Harrison Net Worth

Who is Richard Harrison and what is his net worth 2018? Richard Harrison is an American Pawn Shop owner now famous after his great success in his business and his appearance in the television reality show “pawn stars” on the History Channel. Such was the popularity of this show that more than 250 episodes of the show had gone on air across seven seasons and with success of this show has risen the fortunes of Richard Harrison as well his family. After the great success of this show his business flourished not only with more and more customers but also his pawn shop became a tourist attraction visited by tourists from far off places to see their stars in real life.

Born on 4th March 1941, his family lived in Lexington, North Carolina. Richard Harrison attended Lexington high school but left during his junior year. To support his family, he became a driver of a school bus and earned about 6 dollars a week. He married Joanne Rhue in 1960. His entry into military service was occasioned by a sentence by a court for a car theft when the judge gave him options either to go to prison or to military service. He chose the latter and joined Navy. His first daughter Sherry was having down syndrome of which she died early. He had three other children, all sons.

Richard Harrison Net Worth 2018-2019

He served Navy for 20 years. After that he Joined his wife’s business of real estate which failed due to adverse circumstances. After trying his hand in few other business, he finally took a licence for gold and silver pawn shop at Las Vegas Boulevard South. His business flourished and his shop became storehouse of many collectibles and had increasing footfalls of customers.

In July 2009 came the turning point in his career when he along with his son, grandson and their childhood friend featured in reality show “pawn stars” on the History Channel which became its highest rated show.

In July 2011, his store had 12000 items of Jewellery in its inventory out of which about 5000 were held in pawn. He once told to an interviewer “everybody who come in the store here, they didn’t come to Vegas because of Vegas. They came to Vegas because of me”.

Richard Harrison Net Worth

Net worth of Richard Harrison is estimated as $9 million. He had worked hard to establish his pawn shop business to reach this height in earnings. The Pawn Stars prime time show on the History Channel became so popular that it ran into more than 250 episodes with millions of viewers. By 2005 the father and son pair were loaning out an average three million dollars per year which translated to approximately $700000 dollars in terms of interest income.

His income from television appearances was substantial and consistent over the years. He was paid $15000 per episode in 2014. More so if we count his rooms filled with antiques and collectables stashed away for his retirement.

When we look at the entire life and career of Richard Harrison we find that he was a person who was never reluctant to take any job to earn a living or to support his family. From a bus driver at an early age of 14 years to twenty years in Navy and then Real Estate business with his wife and finally landing in his now famous pawn shop business he had a hard but eventful life.

A sign board outside his shop read “This shop never closes”, epitomises his life’s philosophy. It is said that he never took a day off from his pawn shop business and the shop was open 24 hours seven days a week. Hard work pays and pays well, is what the life of Richard Harrison teaches.