Rich Paul Net Worth

Who is Rich Paul and what is his net worth 2018? Rich Paul is extensively known as sports agent hailing from Cleveland, located in Ohio. He is identified as a founder of Klutch Sports Group and signifies many noticeable NBA players, comprising John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Ben Simmons, as well as a long-time friend named LeBron James. If you are wandering to get details of net worth of Rich Paul then read below:

Initially, Paul was accustomed to live in one-bedroom type apartment overhead his father’s shop running in Glenville, known as a neighbourhood around east part of Cleveland. He appeared in Benedictine, a chiefly white Roman Catholic type high school in the city. This celebrity’s father passed away of cancer during year 1999.

Rich Paul Net Worth 2018-2019

After completing graduation from high school, he was purchasing throwback jerseys from Atlanta as well as vending them outside of his trunk within Cleveland. During year 2002, he encountered LeBron James, the one who was awestruck by Paul’s reliable Warren Moon throwback jersey, at an airport; on their track to Atlanta, Paul to replenish as well as LeBron towards the Final Four. Both of them have swapped contact details, and quickly Paul addicted James by a Magic Johnson Lakers jersey as well as Joe Namath Rams based uniform.

In year 2003, after completion of NBA draft, LeBron recruited Paul to become a member of his minor inner-circle. Later, he began serving below Leon Rose, the one who had conveyed LeBron’s allowance with the Cavs during year 2006. Also, in year 2012, Paul abandoned Rose and CAA in order to begin his personal agency named Klutch Sports Group, as well as he took LeBron along with him. It is found that Klutch Sports Group is situated in Cleveland and there he is joined through an agent named Mark Termini on Klutch’s board.

It is found that Rich Paul began in form of a basketball player and he has stayed as a big brother of classes to James. Moreover, Rich did not wish LeBron to pass over by “The Decision”. Moreover, his second greatest notable client is young guard named Eric Bledsoe, the persons who is known to be a restricted free agent during offseason; however he is predictable to come back towards the Phoenix Suns.

In spite of serving as an agent for the NBA’s major star, he did not complete graduation from college. This has stimulated at least little hostility from contestants. He is essentially third agent of LeBron and he has substituted Leon Rose, the one who substituted Aaron Goodwin.

Contrasting many people in inner circle of LeBron, he is actually not an infancy friend from Akron. He and James has met in year 2002 on the path to the Final Four as well as they bonded on retro football jerseys, as per ESPN the Magazine profile featured on Paul in year 2012. Though he was not one among those infancy friends which you may have observed in “More Than A Game,” actually he was one among the “Four Horsemen”

Rich Paul Net Worth

Rich Paul is greatest acknowledged as a sports agent attaining prominent net worth of $22 million. He earns well by serving in form of an agent for some NBA players like Tristan Thompson, LeBron James, Eric Bledsoe, Kevin Seraphin, Cory Joseph and Norris Cole.

Overall his clients were expected to earn more than $34 million for 2014-15 based seasons by more than $20 million out of that originating from James. He earned greatly by serving for Leon Rose as well as Creative Artists Agency during year 2009 however he has left to launch Klutch Sports Group during year 2012.

He is known as James’ agent, CEO and founder of Klutch Sports agency, the one that signifies many NBA players comprising the Cavs’ Tristan Thompson, purchased a 3,900-square-foot house within Beverly Grove region of Los Angeles.

Being a founder of Klutch Sports Group facilitated Rich Paul to receive high fame and wealth in his entire career. Working as a sports agent, he has represented many talented NBA players throughout his career.